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[Suggestion] Make Doppelganger/egnigem Cenia Mercenaries Have Equal Stats To Their Mvp Counterparts

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These things cost 50 Cash points each and both Doppel and Egnigem Mercs are very weak. For one thing the Egnigem merc only has 11K HP. It's weaker than all Level 1 Mercs. Plus these Scrolls can't even be stored after you get them as part of the Box of Rich Goods in the Daily Rewards. Of course you can just Dismiss the Merc after you summon it. Given how weak these Mercs are, they're not even worth buying as donate items. Aside from cuteness, why spend 50 Cash Points for a weaker Merc when you can just spend a minuscule amount of in-game zeny to get a better one? Please give them equal stats to their real MVP counterparts so they can be of actual use. They won't be OP anyways since Doppels and Egnigem Cenias are easily and casually killed by MVP hunters

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