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Our website recieved a major core overhaul.
These updates were required to maintain our high security standard.
Some new features have been added as well, but we they require some further touches before we can reveal them.

You won't notice much visual changes, but please make sure to report all bugs you might encounter right into our forums.

The forums recieved a major update as well which you will notice for sure.
Our 3rd party applications such as the Bug Tracker or our Award system are currently no more supported. We will bring them back as soon as they've been updated.

The login and display name have been merged, which means you will now have to login using your Display Name instead.

Kafra Shop
Our payment gateway was undergoing an entire overhaul and is with today running on the latest API from PayPal.
It is now running entirely on our web server, which means you are no more being redirected to an external website.

It is fully integrated into our control panel and recognizes your account you've logged in.
The process is now running entirely on https to enhance your own security and is much easier and faster to use.

Discord Chat
The forums shoutbox has been removed. It was unconvenient and mostly only in use when the server was down.
That's why we want to introduce you to our Discord Server.
Discord is a Chat system for gamers (Normal Chatting and/or Voice Chat).
It's easy and great to use and works through your browser, as an application on your PC or as an app on your smartphone.
Join Today! https://discord.gg/GxHdp

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