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+11 Cat Ear Beret does less damage than Ancient Gold Deco


I bought a bunch of ores to upgrade the thing because based off the math, it should be doing more damage. Turns out, after testing it... it seems weaker. What a waste of ores. I didn't get screenshots earlier but the Cat Ear Beret significantly did less damage and I ran out of Master Buff Scrolls so I can't test it with Maximize Power on anymore (that seems to be the more accurate way to see the full damage) and those scrolls cost 50 vote points just to buy, so I'd rather not waste vote points to provide screenshots since there's a bunch of cute hats this month XD

The math:

Ancient Gold Deco should do 1.10 damage (10% more long range damage)

While a +11 Cat Ear Beret should do a slightly better damage at 1.05 x 1.06 (ATK+ 5% and 6% more damage to Demi-Human) = 1.113

but the +11 Cat Ear Beret did lesser damage. Based on the math, it could have potentially done more at +12 and +13 (although the item description says the upgrade bonus only reaches up to +12 but the item script itself doesn't seem to be limited to +12)

Anyways at +12 the Cat Ear Beret should do 1.05 x 1.07 (ATK+ 5% and 7% more damage to Demi-Human) = 1.1235

and at +13 should do 1.05 x 1.08 (ATK+ 5% and 8% more damage to Demi-Human) = 1.134

Point is, the Cat Ear Beret potentially could do more damage than Ancient Gold Deco but for some reason, even at +11, it's doing significantly less damage, even when the math says otherwise



FYI these numbers may seem minuscule on paper but the way they stack with all my other equips, a +13 Cat Ear Beret should give a slightly better damage boost compared to the Ancient Gold Deco

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the ancient gold deco is calculated like that ;an increase of 10% to the final damage

but i think the racial and atk increase isn't applied directly like that,

as an example:

your attack is in your stats window is 50 + 50

the left side is status attack and the right side is the sum of weapon attack and other attacks

- only the weapon attack is increased by racial, size, element , atk +/% cards

using the +11 cat ear beret

your attack would be 50 + (50*1.06*1.05) = 105.65 - if the +5% is added like racial cards

or (50 + (50*1.06))*1.05 = 108.15    - if 5% is directly affecting final damage

and using the ancient gold deco

your attack will be (50 + 50)*1.1 = 110


I am not sure 100% if this is right but I think the idea is close to this

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