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RK Neves

1V1 PvP Exclusive NPC.


I've had the urge to fight on a one vs one match against many opponents, the PvP arena we have is fine, and it is the old one, which I totally love.

I already did invite a few people to a one vs one, and they were mainly Phillipine Reapers members. However, these people do not know how to battle a one vs one battle, they will always and I mean always disrupt your duels because of their silly superior feel.

I was thinking of having an npc who would only teleport two players at a time to an arena, by an invite of the opposing player.

How about it? I have seen other servers with this feature, and having the constant same two situations of: empty PvP and PvP filled with a Ganger guild is bad for the server.

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Neat idea.
The problem however is that, creating a 1vs1 room would mean it's most of the time being used, so one one else can join.
Creating an instance system is really complicated.

For now, i recommend to simply warp to random location and use @pvpmode instead.

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I'm happy to announce that:
Currently testing an all new instanced 1vs1 PvP Room system.
It's core is working already, there are just a few things left which need to be adjusted so it's going to be fun to use :)

We had to modifiy the instance source code to even be able to create an instance without having a party.


It features:

  • Rent your private 1vs1 PvP room and wait for an opponent to send you a request
  • See a list of available opponents which rented a room and send them a fight request
  • The room creator will then recieve a message and can accept or decline the request
  • If you accept the request, both will be warped into the private instanced PvP room to get it on!

    - This allows anyone to find a PvP opponent, especially if the main PvP room is empty
    - Have a private fight without being interrupted by anyone else
    - Continue playing while you're waiting for an opponent or just check on the available opponents yourself

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