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Server Maintenance

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Due new limitations on our emulator, we were forced to
- Decrease max party members from 24 to 20
- Decrease max friends list to 40
- Remove Account Plus ~ rent storage addition

Database Updates
- Implemented Heroes' Trail Part 1 - Sara's Memory instance
- Item Database Updates/Fixes
- Monster Database Updates/Fixes
- NPC Updates/Fixes
- Mecury Riser is now refinable
- Wunderkammer effect implemented
- Cenere Card removed delay reduction
- Rebellion class can now access their respective dealers
- WoE castle investment
-- Added missing Elemental Converter menu selection

Core Updates
- Player drop rate calculation code cleanups
- Skill Tree code cleanups
- Added new status icons
- Fixed item bonus MATK formula for weapons which checked for an invorrect MATK value
- Char deletion fixes which failed during certain circumstances
- MVP Tomb now has a 9 second delay before being spawned
- One Click Identify feature adjustments
-- If you have both type of magnifiers (Novice and Normal) in your inventory, it will always consume the normal magnifier first

Skill Updates
- Cloud Kill  fixed server crash
-- Cloud Kill has been re-enabled
- Earth Shaker is no longer able to hit targets behind walls
- Camouflage
-- Now ends when attacking plant type monsters
-- Bonus is applied to the first skill after activating Camouflage
-- Corrected movement speed bonus checks
-- Arrow Shower should not benefit from Camouflage
-Sharp Shooting and Arrow Storm bonus should be applied to all targets in the area, not just the selected target
- Change Cart fixed required levels
- Voice of Siren minimum duration is now 10 seconds
- Mystical Amplification
-- Staff of Destruction and Sacrament will now lower Mystical Amplification's cast time
-- Release damage is no longer increased by Mystical Amplification
-- All hits from Water Ball, Jupiter Thunder, and Tetra Vortex have increased damage by Mystical Amplification
- GX Poison Duration
-- The duration of GX poisons is now reduced by (VIT+LUK)/2 seconds
-- The duration of Oblivion Curse is no longer reduced by INT
- Clearance and Phantom Thrust behavior
-- Now only usable on monsters and party members.
-- Corrected skill error message to official
- Corrected Knuckle Arrow behavior
-- Items that prevent knock back will stop Knuckle Arrow's knock back effect

- Corrected Mercenary skills
-- Adjusted Scapegoat SP requirement from 10 to 5
-- Removed 100% HP requirement of Scapegoat
-- Recuperate now removes Deadly Poison

Website Updates
- Tons of bug fixes
- Implemented a deeper database system [BETA]
-- Dynamic NPC Database
-- Dynamic Map Database
NPC data is now integrated into the item database
MAP data is now integrated into the monster database

Please note that it's still under construction, we are aware about the bugs.


If you own an Account Plus membership, don't forget to empty your @rentstorage before the maintenance begins!
You won't be able to access it anymore after this maintenance.

We  will be performing maintenance for the GatheringRO Server as follows.

Maintenance Schedule:
Start time: October 08 (Saturday) 16:20 GMT+2 [servertime]
End time: October 08 (Saturday) 17:30 GMT+2 [servertime]

- GatheringRO will be offline.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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