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Noah's Guide To: Legendary Dragon of Eternity

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A fully up to date version of the guide is now available in the gRO wiki!







315kfwh.jpg"Dragon Of Eternity"14tneyh.jpg

   144b9fd.jpg               2e4yzh3.jpg                 dmz676.jpg




ax1tsm.jpg     nbwth3.jpg  3460zea.jpg




        Since the advent of the Legendary Update Part 1 /? last July 2016 (http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?/topic/48299-legendary-update-part1/), many players are excited both old and new players (but mostly OLD /gawi) as what this update will unleash!! One of the thing this update gives is the metamorphosis of the Golden Dragon Helm gdh.png and what thrills me the most is that when I read its description, it says that it hasn't reached its full potential yet!! /ic. So I decided to find all about it since the GM's are not giving much clue as what it grants. Then one day, I tried strolling /ho around Althea and when I got to the Forging shop /ic, I noticed a new portal which leads to this Legendary Blacksmith Vulcan. And when I tried to click it, its like a pandora's box /lov2 giving away the information I needed to the transformation of the Golden Dragon Helm. /ic/ic/ic





200 Obsidian Fragments Obsidian.png

100 Dragon Horn dh.png

40 Blue Feather bf.png

1 Cracked Diamond cd.png

8 Mithril Coins mc.png

9 Platinum Coins pc.png

9 Silver Coins sc.png

(Original) Golden Dragon Helm gdh.png







     1. Obsidian Fragments can be obtained by:

                               A. Joining War Of Emperium and receive some random frags from Baldr after each war.

                               B. By doing Daily Adventure Quest, you can buy some at the Coupon Exchanger with the cost of 5 Coupon C each. Here is a quick guide

                                    if you want to do the Daily Adventure Quest: http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?/topic/48320-noahs-guide-to-daily-adventure-quest/

                               C. Buying it using 3 gRO tokens at the Token Merchant at althea.

     2. Dragon Horns are dropped by Dancing Dragon id#1514 located at lou_dun03.

     3. Dame of sentinel and Lady Solace drops Blue Feather.

     4. Cracked Diamond is obtained from Isis.

     5. And finally, Coins can be obtained from Althea's coin exchanger.

                               A. 1 Silver Coin = 1,000,000 zenny

                               B. 1 Platinum Coin = 10,000,000 zenny

                               C. 1 Mithril Coin = 100,000,000 zenny


Steps in Obtaining the Legendary Item:


Step 1: Go to Althea's Forging Building and enter a portal inside.



Step 2: Talk To Vulcan with you Golden Dragon Helm on and the complete item requirement on your inventory then he will do the rest for you. Good Luck!!!






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2 hours ago, Killer Wing said:

Nice 1 Bro

"Always said to myself that only the richest players and the most persevere player can make this item in less than a month after Legendary Update Part 1"

Anyways Congratz


54 minutes ago, Yzobel said:

Congratulations in advance brother! /no1

TY!!! :D

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