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Eden Headgear/Buff Enhancement Quests

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A NPC inside Eden Group named Reno can craft many improved headgear.
By doing his daily hunting quests, you will be rewarded with 6623.pngEnergy Crystals.
Using those crystals for his various services.


  • Reno
  • Eden Group upstairs (coordination 41,169)

List of Crystals

  • 6623.png Rough Energy Crystal
  • 6624.png Purified Energy Crystal
  • 6625.png High Energy Crystal

Buff Service

  • You can exchange Energy Crystals into Buffs
  • Those buffs are usually from 2 - 3 hours long.
  • Buffs by Reno does not disappear upon death!

Obtainable Items from Energy Crystals

  • 18760.png Modified Mage Hat
  • 18761.png Modified Magician Hat
  • 18762.png Modified Kitsune Hat
  • 18763.png Modified Joker Jester
  • 18764.png Modified Bunny Band
  • 18769.png Modified Munak Hat
  • 18770.png Modified Bongun Hat
  • 18771.png Modified Opera Phantom Mask
  • 18772.png Advanced Binaculars
  • 18773.png Advanced Fin Helm
  • 18774.png Advanced Assassin Mask
  • 18775.png Advanced Welding Mask
  • 2956.png Advanced Safety Ring
  • 15068.png Advanced Angelic Protection
  • 2183.png Advanced Angelic Guard
  • 22015.png Advanced Angel's Reincarnation
  • 20710.png Advanced Angelic Cardigan
  • 18776.png Advanced Angel's Kiss
  • 18765.png Enhanced Corsair
  • 18768.png Enhanced Bone Helm
  • 18766.png Enhanced Helm of Angel
  • 18767.png Enhanced Hat of the Sun God
  • 22014.png Enhanced Variant Shoes
  • 2957.png Enhanced Ring of Flame Lord
  • 2958.png Improved Ring of Resonance

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