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Skill Balancings & Updates

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Login Issues
- Implemented a possible fix for the disconnection issue while trying to login with specific characters
  Please give us some feedback if you can now login (in case you've had issues)

Skill Balancings
- Reduced Item Sling: Melon Bomb's slow duration
- Adjusted Prestige's formula to fit our server's high rates (reduced chance to evade magic and DEF gained)
- Balanced the recently implemented GX poison resistance formula (VIT + LUK / 8)
- Reduced the duration of the status effect "Crystallization" (Heavily base VIT dependent, 100 VIT: 7-8sec, 150 VIT: 4-5 sec, 200 VIT: 1-2sec)
- Reduced the duration of the status effect "Vacuum Extreme" (Heavily base STR dependent, 100 STR: 5 sec, 175 STR: 2 sec)

Item Changes:
- Fixed Glorious Claymore's script, it now properly adds the slaughter bonus damage
- Fixed Ancient Gold Decoration's Script, it now properly adds 7% Healing Power
- Adjusted effects of all weapons (Vellum) and Cards (Dark Priest) that drain SP
- Reduced the increase in Healing Power added by Staff of Healing (Refine rate times 4 instead of 5)
  Decreased the amount of VIT required by Improved Necklace to get a 1% HP increase (VIT/40 instead of /50)

WoE Updates:
- Fixed WoE 2.0 castle announcements to show only currently opened castles
- Recoded the Althea WoE Flags
  This fixes wrong or missing emblems during certain circumstances
  They are now clickable and can be used by guild members to warp to the castle

Other Updates:
- Fixed Character deletion issue

Cash Shop Updates:
- Enhanced Cash Shop mercenary stats

Client Updates:
- Installed latest item description updates and fixes
- Some skill description fixes and updates
- Support for all latest cards
- Support for all latest headgears and items
- Several preparations for future interface updates
- Interface text improvements

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