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Recent skill balancing~

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Okay so, first thing I noticed with the new balances was that the Sling Melon was reduced! Good job, it was just broken before... Moving on: GX poisons seem better now, good thing too, gx's are so few now a days. Then, it comes to the bothersome part.

"- Reduced the duration of the status effect "Crystallization" (Heavily base VIT dependent, 100 VIT: 7-8sec, 150 VIT: 4-5 sec, 200 VIT: 1-2sec)"

Okay so: Crystalyzation is a pain. A real pain. It did need to get a balance, but, this isn't exactly what I was hoping. Honestly it's the reverse. what I see with this is basicly:"RG's, RK's and Sura's will now be able to get out of it quickly, while squishier classes are forked."   A RG with easily 1m+ HP, recovers in 2 seconds, while a WL with 350k~400k HP, will get pumled in the 7-8 or 4-5 seconds of waiting.

I'm not saying that I deslike that it got a way to reduce it, I just think it honestly isn't the best way.

Lastly as for Vacuum it seems a bit better now.

With all this said, thank you gm team for the update, it is really apreciated~


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We'll be playing team work every woe, and that is one fine update /lv

regarding @Sorc update it doens't affect me much there are lots of alternate skills to use over the enemy + good magic skills /ok and keyboard warrior FTW haha!


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I understand your concerns. However, I believe this is the best way to balance the skill without making it entirely custom, i.e., without removing the formula and replacing it with a fixed duration. Players usually look up the behaviour of skills either in the skill description or here: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Diamond_Dust 

While it is certainly easy to change the ingame description of a skill, we generally try to avoid this except for values (e.g. turn 200 into a 400). What I am trying to say is that we wanted to keep the VIT resistance variable. The skill clearly states that higher VIT will grant you higher resistance against this skill and this is how it was originally designed.

Coming to your example, I believe it is possible for any class on our server to reach 160-170 VIT without losing much of its combat capabilities. If a Warlock really wanted to, he could easily reach 160-170 VIT (most Warlocks max INT and thereby lose a lot of status points. I generally don't recommend to go beyond 190 with any stat) . It depends on your taste which is what makes Ragnarok so interesting. A warlock who doesn't mind low HP if he can have high DMG may want to reconsider his approach because low VIT does not only mean low HP but also low resistance to certain status effects.

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