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Hardened Valkyrie Helm

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Hardened Valkyrie Helm


The Ancient, Legendary 

Hardened Valkyrie Helm.

A helmet forged from pure

Mithril and Obsidian.

Wields the ultimate power

of the chooser over the slain

All Stats + 15 


Class: Headgear

Rarity: Legendary

Defense: 26

Location: Upper

Weight: 60

Level Requirement: 200

Jobs: All except novice

Same as Blessed Valkyrie Helm you can change the color of it. The NPC is Located in @warp althea 175 241NPC_zps0i5jb4mi.jpg


Here are the 6 color that you can choose :






  • 63012.png?nocache=608229132 Blessed Valkyrie Helm - Here is the link on how to make Blessed Valkyrie HelmBlessed Valkyrie Helm


  • 61637.png?nocache=1988575776 160 Obsidian Fragment -

                    - Can be obtained during War of Emperium


                                 • After The  War of Emperium  Talk to Baldr @warp woe_map 215 215    Baldr_zpsfgljriqs.jpg 

                                   you will be rewarded a random 1 ~ 3  Tome of Experience 64602.png?nocache=1198162955  (1 Tome of Experience = 1 Obsidian Fragments)




                    - by Doing Daily Quest 5 Coupon C = 1 Obsidian Fragment


                                   • here is the guide on how to do the Daily Quest :  Noah's Guide On: Daily Adventure Quest



                     - by Trading 3 gRoToken 7726.png?nocache=1160473264  = 1 Obsidian Fragment 


                                      • you can trade your gRO Token in Token Shop @warp althea 145 276  Token_zpsto1tzawt.jpg



  • 6032.png?nocache=1278278280 80 Horn of Hillslion

                       - Droprate is 100% by Hillslion  1998.giflocated in man_fild03


  • 7295.png?nocache=1801028420 30 Citrin

                       - Droprate is 100% by Chimera 1283.gif located in gl_cas03

  • 2254.png 1 Angel Wing

                       - Droprate is 10% by Angeling  1096.gif located in xmas_dun01, pay_fild04

                       - Droprate is 0.50%  by Archangeling 1388.gif located in yuno_fild04

                       - Droprate is 0.10% by Skeggiold 1754.gif 1755.gif located in odin_tem03

  • 61507.png?nocache=1199421131 8 Mithril Gathering Coin

                        - 1 Mithril Coin = 100m

  • 61506.png?nocache=101210940 9 Platinum Gathering Coin

                        - 1 Platinum Coin = 10m

  • 61505.png?nocache=2094699984 9 Slver Gathering Coin

                         - 1 Silver Coin = 1m

    Note : you can change your zenny into coin via the Bank Officer STEPS1_zpsno5odhc9.jpg located in @warp althea 185 239





Go to Armsmith's Place @warp althea 184 183

  • STEPS2_zps95bmhwsj.jpgMAPARM_zpsyep4u5z6.jpg



Go down on portal when you can see Vulcan 

  • STEPS%205_zps0l774yjb.jpg




and then Talk to Vulcan. he will then tell you that he can change the appearance of it .But there will be no further boost in stats. 


  • STEPS%204_zpskhpuf7ta.jpg



Notes : You can also Revert it back to Blessed Valkyrie Helm but you need some requirements.

Requirements : 60 Obsidian Fragments

                          1 Mithril Coin

                          9 Platinum Coin

                          9 Silver Coin

Just talk to Vulcan Again and he will revert it back.

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