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Crash Fix & Website

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The crash cause which was haunting us during the past weeks has been identified and fixed.

We're currently preparing a new Christmas themed event on top of our classics.
So get ready for another great year of gifts & joy!

There's also more new game content to come, but not just yet.

Website Updates

  1. Fixed GamesTop100 voting button. The pingback feature may take over a minute to reply, so you will have to wait a while before the vote credit is being counted. (No need to vote twice)
  2.  The Database extension is now finished and features
  • NPC Database, including Item Shop and Map information
  • Map Database, shows special monster spawn areas, npc locations and clickable warp portals
  • Monster Database extension now shows maps directly linked to the map database
  • Item Database extension now shows npc shops and map, where available

Map Example
NPC Shop Example
Monster DB Example
Item DB Example

We hope you like this addition and you find it to be useful to write even better guides!
Don't forget about our Write-A-Guide event. There are only 8 days left!


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