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AsakuraViper's Guide to Thanatos Tower

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Obtaining Thanatos's Card is the ultimate Prize through this quest

Note that every step mentioned in this guide has its own pictures on top of it for reference purposes



A.  5+ People for Level 3 Access

B. Fragments

hXO3e2.png1 Fragment of Misery dropped by p8GVsy.gif

PPtKiw.png1 Fragment of Agony dropped by w5lqCx.gif

bVJypB.png1 Fragment of Hatred dropped by B8z4BR.gif

wCNv5G.png1 Fragment of Despair dropped by DLneVC.gif

C. Any Equippable Level 4 Weapon

D. The Keys------Charmstones

ln8oY9.gifRed Key----ulI40j.gifRed Charmstone

6E5gQ1.gifYellow Key----PiFr5t.gifYellow Charmstone

nQ7syh.gifBlue Key----bcPVWx.gifBlue Charmstone

vWZmuf.gifGreen Key----wjWvD1.gifGreen Charmstone

MlOGv6.gifBlack Key----hYyn2E.gifBlack Charmstone


Starting the Quest


Find any Warp Agent located in every town existing in GatheringRO and Choose Dungeon and Thanatos Tower      



You'll be teleported in front of Tower Keeper Gatei and be asked to pay for the entrance fee(5000 zenny)



Once inside move your way forward to a portal in which you’ll look like that you are really going inside a haunted castle



Upon reaching ThanatosTower 1F you should find a female representative, who is looking for recruits and just sign up with her for the quest and type @jump 150 150 and move inside the portal



Once inside ThanatosTower 2F, type @jump 229 162 and there you'll meet Guide Burled and he’ll check if you made a temporary contract in which you did a while ago and choose Let Me Go to 3rd Floor (Note: You need to be in a party of 5 close to each other near the door so that the portal will open)



Upon entering Thanatos Tower 3F, type @jump 70 69 and there you'll find a Rune Device and click it until you'll obtain the Red Key and type @jump 58 139 to proceed to Thanatos 4F (Note: You need to equip a level 4 weapon before clicking the device)



Once inside Thanatos Tower 4F, type @jump 199 195 and there you'll find another Rune Device and click it and this time you'll need to solve a 3 digit number puzzle and once you’ve solved the puzzle, you'll obtain Yellow Key then type @jump 84 36 to proceed to the next floor.




Once inside Thanatos Tower 5F, type @jump 61 177 and you'll find a Brilliant statue in which you'll have to type inside a dialogue box “Red Key” then followed by “Yellow Key” and press enter until you'll obtain Blue Key then type @jump 185 232 and proceed to the next floor.



Once inside the next floor, type @jump 226 229 and there youll find another Brilliant statue in which choose investigate and arrange the wheels in these following order:

  • 1st Small Wheel -> Raise Wheel (1st option)
  • 2nd Small wheel -> Lower Wheel (2nd option)
  • 1st Big Wheel -> Vertically Shift Wheel (3rd option)
  • 2nd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel
  • 3rd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel



Once you’ve obtained the Green Key, type @jump 202 181 click “Splendid Sword” and choose always the second option until you receive the Black Key.



Type @jump 120 118 and move towards the portal and then a dialogue box will appear and will react to the Black Key converting it to Black Charm Stone and will be teleporting you to the stairway towards the next floor.

Note: You cannot enter the portal unless you have all five Keys. If you have any Charm Stones, you must sell them at an NPC first



1.  L7VDWS.png    

2.   FqjYb6.png

3. 28wfyk.png                      4.    Zg1bsg.png

Upon making your way to 8F, you will find sets of Shining Crystals on the walls shown in the pictures usually found on 8am(1st picture), 10am(2nd picture) , 2pm(3rd picture), and 4pm(4th picture) in a clockwise manner on the map. Just click them, spam enter and it'll convert your keys to their corresponding Charmstones.

Note: If the crystals doesn’t change your Key to its corresponding Charmstone just move back to the previous Crystal and click em or just click the other Crystals just trust me cuz sometimes one of the Crystals have glitches resulting for the “previous” Crystal to be the one to change the Key rejected from that specific glitched Crystal

I don’t know if I'm the only one who noticed this one but this what differs to my guide from the previous guides I guess and that’s what I call my remedy for that problem especially for me who experienced it more than 50x ive done the quest/no1



     1st  48o5QY.png  

2nd   KgVas1.png

3rd s6KufO.png  


4th TPQrHr.png


5th  bKCqua.png 



Now, upon obtaining all Charmstones, move your way up to the 12th floor and click every statue listed:

1st the golden religious statue-3pm clockwise

2nd the Green Wiseman Statue-5pm clockwise

3rd the Blue Angel Statue- 7am clockwise

4th the Bloody Knight Statue-9pm clockwise

5th and last the Dark Devil Statue- 12nn clockwise

A portal will open in the middle of the map teleporting you to the top of the tower where the MVP Thanatos is located

Note: Once you've clicked the Statues and it says something like "The statue is too hot for me to see or touch it"  then it means that someone had already summoned the MVP and thus you'll have to wait for the cooldown of 2hrs, compete with other MVP Hunters and re-summon the MVP




w5lqCx.gif     FgLPYs.png





On the top of the tower,  insert your collected Fragments ,previously mentioned from the start of the guide,  to each monster NPC located in each part of the floor and kill them once summoned



Once the last monster NPC is killed, you'll be automatically warped to the North part of the tower where dialogues appear about Thanatos' hatred towards humans and finally Thanatos will spawn reaching your goal to kill him

Note: You need to hurry in killing the MVP, cuz this is the part where MVP Kill Stealers wait/camp (North part of the floor) after the portal of 12th floor has been opened

After you've killed the MVP you'll have to wait 2hours after it's death so that you can summon it again


Good Luck Guys in obtaining "Memory of Thanatos Card"


I'm sure every hardship and perseverance will give you the ultimate prize

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Nice guide there bro!!! Ive just posted another guide as well, will see you as soon as I get back from travelling xD



P.S. Dont forget to give me an extra Thanatos Card when i get back so that I can use em for damage type Sura/Genetics when i play back again during Xmas wahahahaha

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@Killer Wing Thanks a lot bro! Your HunterKiller's Biolab Gears and Enchantments Guide is Awesome! It will surely help those newbies out there and as well as those who aren't aware of the quest yet...don't forget my souvenir!


P.S. As for  the thana card, consider it done and an early Christmas Gift from me.....KEEP ROCKING THE FREE WORLD DUDE!

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