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War Of Emperium Training Edition


Is it possible to add this to the sever? I think that this will bring a lot of fun LOL!



The rules of battle are generally the same as the original War of Emperium. All damage formulas and ally statuses are the same. Players must be a Transcendent class or Expanded class. Third class, Expanded Super Novice, Kagerou and Oboro players cannot participate in WoE TE. In addition to the disabled skills of War of Emperium, the following are disabled or have no effect in WoE TE. Disabled buffs/debuffs are also stripped from the player when entering castles.




  • Glorious equipment and weapons
  • WoE equipment
  • Bellum weapons
  • WoE and WoE2 God Items


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It's currently being developed by rAthena.
Actually since quite a while, so probably almost finished.

Possible? Yes, ones it's been finished.

I think that the best way to implement this would be by using the official castles though.
Implementing this into our current WoE Core would come a long with a tons of issues.

On the other hand, the actual main problem will be the balancing.
Since no player has ever played with trans classes anymore, unless using some of the old skills...
This would bring an entire class range to the balancing table.

Another issue will be on how we would handle the fragment rewarding.
Personally... i would disable it entirely for the Training Edition, as it's simply not balanced for trans classes.
The problem will be on how to disable it though, since the training edition runs on the same maps.

As you can imagine, it will be an extensive workload which we will have to handle.

I've had this in my mind since.... several years actually.
Because we've had a custom "Ancient WoE System" implemented in gRO.
Now the official one is on it's way, which would be better and saver to use.
The reason why the ancient WoE System has never been finalized for release?
Due the above mentioned issues.

We're definitly considering it.
But before i can confirm anything at all.... i would have to do some major testings.

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