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Riddle Event

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Hello players of GatheringRO! Welcome to my Riddle Event. This event takes place in this topic and does not require any special preparations, items etc. on your part. The only thing you need is a brain (some people may be ruled out at this point :P) and the will to solve a problem. I will post different kinds of riddles in this thread and the player to solve it and post his or her solution here first wins a prize. The riddles are not Ragnarok related. They are simple problems that have a certain underlying logic to them. Guessing will not help as you need to provide the way you solved the riddle (so please don't spam guesses). Riddles are divided in different categories (easy, moderate, difficult). I will always name the category when I post a riddle as it determines the prize you get for solving it.


  • The solution you submit has to include the answer to the riddle (e.g.,"34", "6:45" or "left") and the way you solved it (e.g., add the numbers of line 2 to the numbers of line 4).
  • The earliest post that contains the answer to the riddle and the way it was solved is considered the winner (the time it was posted matters)
  • Please try not to edit your posts as this may disqualify them
  • Previous winners are always excluded from winning the subsequent riddle (e.g., if you won riddle 2, you'll have to wait for riddle 4 to participate again)
  • Players who won a riddle that was classified as difficult will automatically register for an additional riddle that will only be open to them. The player that solves this additional riddle will receive an additional prize.
  • Winners can also choose to receive the prize of a lower category
  • There will be 7 5 riddles in total, 1x Easy, 3x  1x Moderate, 3x Difficult.


  • Easy: 1x 62004.png?nocache=394462068 Surprise Box (5-10) + 3x 12103.png?nocache=1067147607 Bloody Branch
  • Moderate: 1x 62008.png?nocache=785339954 Heroic Box + 6x 12103.png?nocache=1067147607 Bloody Branch
  • Difficult:  1x 62002.png?nocache=1553416688 Surprise Box (15-20) + 9x 12103.png?nocache=1067147607 Bloody Branch
  • Additional Riddle: 1x 62001.png?nocache=519582711 GatheringRO Surprise Box OR a Costume of choice (from among three options)

We start with an easy one, as I want you to get used to the rules. The winner of this riddle does not have to sit out Riddle 2.

Riddle 1 (easy):


What number replaces the question mark?

IMAG1714_1.jpg  Answer: 2   Solution: 8x4 = 32 Winner: Killer Wing

Riddle 2 (moderate):


The first two scales are in balance. How much stars are needed to balance the third scale?

IMAG1728_1.jpgAnswer: 4 stars. Winner: Hangul

Riddle 3 (Difficult):


What number replaces the question mark?

IMAG1688_1.jpg Answer: 6. Solution: 3rd column x 2 = 4th column. Winner: Killer Wing   Consolation Prize: Kawai Potato

Riddle 4 (Difficult):


The first two scales are in balance. How much cherries are needed to balance the third scale?

(note: the cherries on the first scale count as 6)

IMAG1744_1.jpgAnswer: 14 WInner: Khaii

Riddle 5 (Moderate Difficult):

This riddle seems to be difficult so I adjusted its difficulty label (and thus the rewards you get for it)


Madonna's fanclub has 1500 members. The fanclub of Buddy Holly is 1100 members strong and David Bowie has 1007 followers. How many members does the fanclub of Michael Jackson have?

The player who solves this riddle without a hint will get an additional reward (Costume Nekomimi Cyber Headphone, see my post below).

IMAG1727_1_1.jpg  Answer: 1251 (add the roman numerals within the names) WInner: sadam

Additional Riddle (For winners of a difficult riddle):


Each symbol has a specific value. If you can find out each value, you will be able to tell what number replaces the question mark. PM me your solution!



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Answer is 2...After deciphering it....1st horizontal line 2 1 4 7....understanding is that multiply 2 and 7 = 1 4 which is the middle box in which youve noticed that doesnt have any middle line dividing it so the variable would be "x" or multiply it

2nd horizontal line goes 5x9= 4 5

3rd horizontal line goes 3x6= 1 8

thus 4th horizontal line goes 8x4= 3 "2"



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4 stars
Let x=moon y=star z=sun

1st scale:

We can say that x=5z-2y and substitute that to the 2nd scale which would give us 2z+2y=2(5z-2y)

The result would give us 6y=8z

Now for the 3rd scale, we substitute x from the 1st scale so we get 8z-2y=??

Since 8z=6y, we get 4y ergo, 4 stars.

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Riddle 3


Answer is 6 in the Blank Box

In my understanding if Im correct...1st vertical box if added with + 1 will give answer to the 2nd vertical line

For the 3rd vertical line....if its multiplied by 2 it will give answer to the 4th vertical line....every 4th vertical numbers corresponds with em if multiplied with 2

Thus 4x2=8,  0x2=0, 2x2=4, 3x2= "^6"

thus 6 is the answer



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im stil at work xd dont really have time to explain in details.. my guess would be 1 

because : theres only 1 time 3x number 4 in it~ im assuming its 12 together~ so i just count all the other even numbers together ~ 

4+4+4 = 12

6+6 = 12

5+5+2 = 12

7+2+3 = 12

last 8+3+0+0= 11 --> 11 + question mark = 1 ... so also 12~ if not correct~ then goodluck to others xp back to work!


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Add the first two numbers on the column and the sum will be subtracted by the 3rd no. and the answer of that = +1 which is the 4th number of the column.

first column 6 2 4 5 = 6+2 =8 and 8-4 = 4 the next number below is 5 
second column 7 3 5 6 = 7+3 = 10 and 10-5 = 5 the next number below is 6 
third column is 4 0 2 3 = 4+0 = 4 and 4 - 2 = 2 the next number below is 3 
fourth column is 8 0 4 and ? = 8+0 = 8 and 8-4 = 4 so the next number of four is 5 . then my answer is 5
? = 5


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The answer is 5,if im correct,

6 7 4 8 = ok on this line we multiply 1st number and 4th number =3rd and 4th number so 6 x 8 = 48

2 3 0 0 =same as 1st line 2 x 0 = 00

4 5 2 4 = but on this line, the formula is 1st x 4th + 1st + 4th = 3rd and 4th number so 4 x 4 + 4 +4



5 6 3 ? = this was same formula with th 3rd line  the formula is 1st x 4th + 1st + 4th = 3rd and 4th so, 5 x "5" + 5 +5 =35


I hope its correct :D

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My answer is 6 becase as you can see  6 7 4 8 the tecknique there is this add 1 subtract 3 and multiply 2





and for the fourth column

5 6 3 ?





so the final answer is 6


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I will explain my answer well!

 The steps here are these: 

1) add 1
2) subtract 3
3) multiply 2
4) From Left to Right

First: 6 7 4 8

6 + 1 = 7
7 - 3 = 4
4 * 2 = 8

Second: 2 3 0 0

2 + 1 = 3
3 - 3 = 0
0 * 2 = 0

Third: 4 5 2 4
4 + 1 = 5
5 - 3 = 2
2 * 2 = 4

Fourth: 5 6 3 ?
5 + 1 = 6 
6 - 3 = 3
3 * 2 = "6"

So my FINAL ASNWER is "6"

I think my solution is more accurate and precise. Thank You :)

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You guys stop fighting with your answers.....if 6 is really the right answer then killer wing got it already.... And he was the first one to post it.....clearly you just based your solutions from him.....without him posting his solution you would not have any idea about that solution which you just clearly added the 3rd column rationale on how you arrived on your answer but in the end....what matters is getting the final answer and the acceptable solution...so no offense @KawaiiPotato. You were 19 minutes later than him.....so you guys just wait GM Rayleigh

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9 minutes ago, KawaiiPotato said:

What do you think? D e M o N?

Seems like the answer. I figured out the missing number is most likely 6, but could couldn't figure out how column 1 and 2 is related to column 4.


Assuming 6 is the correct answer, I would not classify this as "difficult".

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