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Prefix 'Hardened'

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Hi, everyone! Would it be better if we have changed the prefix for the upgraded Valkyrie Helm - 'Hardened' Valkyrie Helm to something else? Because it sounds wrong to some extend (if you get what I mean). Just saying. How about 'Reinforced', for example? Please consider. Thanks!

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Might as well have 'Redesigned' as the prefix since the upgrade is only for looks

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It was just 1 part of extending the legendary lore.
I thought it would be a nice idea to give you guys some more variations since legendaries are supposed to be special.

The fact that these are the main gear everyone wants, it's giving us some more visual variety when walking through the town ;)
Upgrading their power further would make the original versions useless and next to that probably overpowered.


Legendary part 2 was supposed to be bigger but i wasn't able to finish it in time.
Which means part 3 will follow this year.




Reinforced sounds good, but i will leave this open for now to get some more feedback on this.
Working on some bigger things right now.

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