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Core Updates & Fixes

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Fixed map restriction missmatches!
Fixed stucked character bug!

Account Plus Update
The entire Account Plus (VIP) System is now running on a new core.
This fixes several bugs related to our old system and allows us to bring you great new features a long the way!


Account Plus - Storage Size
The storage extension is back available and has been improved!
Now your main storage will be extended rather than giving you a second storage.
Increase your storage size by +300 while your premium membership is active.
Items will be kept after your premium time runs out, even if you're above the normal 600. (e.g 845/600)
But you won't be able to fill your storage any further until you've cleaned it.



Account Plus - Character Slots
Get access to 3 additional character slots!
Characters can be kept ones the premium time runs out (until deleted).
This allows you to get a total of 15 characters per account!


Account Plus - Bonus Experience
Recieve 50% bonus experience when killing monsters. +40% increased
The bonus experience is now properly displayed when killing monsters.


Account Plus - Drop Boost
Gain a 50% boost on all drop rates. +40% increased
So for example if the normal drop rate is 1%, the drop rate will be boosted to 1.5%.
Or if the normal drop rate is 30%, the drop rate will be boosted to 45%.
The item drop boost is now properly being displayed when using commands such as @mi


Cash Shop - Storage Expander
The Storage Expander is now available in our cash shop!
Once used, it will permanently unlock a second VIP storage for your entire account!
This VIP Storage is a standalone storage and stacks on top of the Account Plus storage increase and offers you space for another 300 stack of items.


Core Updates
- Moved our entire code base directly to rAthena as its base and cleaned up our entire source code.
  This allows us to release rAthena updates indepent from other people and with that much faster than before!
- Optimized Inventory, Cart Inventory and Storage usage
  - You are no longer required to log out to resync cart item data before opening a vending store
  - Fixed Cart Inventory issue which deleted items in rare cases
  - Fixed venders being stuck after a server restart
  - Fixed the storage, party, friends -size and other limitations


New Content
- Release of Clan System
- Release of Dimensional Gap ~ Access and main NPCs
- Release of Nightmare Clocktower dungeon
- Release of Nightmare Glastheim


Misc Updates
- Increased Max Party back from 12 to 36 members
- Increased Max Friends back from 40 to 80 friends
- Warp directly to the WoE Core by using the command @go woe
- Warp directly to the PvP Arena by using the command @go PvP
- Fixed gat data of maps, this solves the walking issues on inside buildings of althea for e.g.


- Countles item and monster database updates and fixes
- Monster slaves will now become aggressive when their master starts chasing a target to attack it
- Satan Morroc will now be able to cast all of his skills if his HP gets low
- Updated several item descriptions


Adventure Guild
- Adventure Guild Member Falmira will now display a Quest Icon above her head if she's got a quest available for you.
  ? indicates that there's a quest available.
   ! indicates that you've finished the current quest already.



Login Rewards
- The core of the timer has been entirely re-coded.
  - Now the timer properly runs for a full hour before you can claim your reward.
  - Fixes the issue that the progress gets resetted when you were overweight while trying to claim your reward
  - Improves server performance since there aren't countless amounts of timers running in the background while the player is offline.


PvP Updates
- Unknown Fighter (PvP Warper) and the PvP Manager now display the current total amount of players inside the classic PvP rooms. 



WoE 2.0 Updates
- Overbrand will no longer damage the barricades while both Guardian Stones are still intact


Battleground Updates
We're currently working on a bigger Battlegrounds update which didn't quite make it into this release.
However some first smaller updates listed below are already available.
  - War Info Board located at the WoE Core map now properly displays the current amount of attending players
  - Added item restrictions for the skulls dropped during Triple Inferno to prevent abuse such as placing them into the storage
  - Updated colors of all battleground mode announcements
  - Barricades and Flags can no more take damage from Reflect Damage
  - Updated battleground score board icons to make the scoring understandable



World Boss Reward Chest
- The reward chest will now stay for 5 minutes rather than just 30 seconds, this gives you plenty of time to get your reward.


Skill Updates & Fixes
- Feint Bomb
 - Backslide effect now works while wearing an item that has an active NoKnockBack bonus

- Ranger Traps
 - Magenta, Cobald, Maize and Verdure Traps now change the element of the target permanently

- Manhole
 - GvG and Battleground monster objects can not be targeted anymore
 - Removed the usage of Strip Accessory on targets who are affected by Manhole

- Phantom Thrust
 - Fixed behaviour in PvE areas

- Falcon Assault
  - Element is now always neutral
  - Ingores the target's defense cards

- Lex Divina
  - Can now be casted on a silenced ally
  - When casted on an ally who isn't silenced, it will no lonver display the skill animation

- Ammo Requirements
  - Severe Rainstorm, Round Trip and Fire Rain now require +1 to their ammo requirement in order to be casted
  - These skills will still consume their normal ammo amount

- Voice of Siren
  - Resolved traps not being avoided when Wanderer has enticed the trapper

- Crazy Vines
  - Will not properly remove all ground type skills

- Song and Dance Updates
 - Fixed musical lessons not having any effect on Song of Lutie's MaxHP bonus (lesson/2)
 - Song of Lutie now heals 1 HP more every 2 vit instead of 5 HP more every 10 vit
 - Perfect Tablature's flee bonus in renewal is now 3*skill_lv + agi/15 + lesson/2
 - Perfect Tablature's perfect dodge bonus is now (skill_lv+1)/2 + luk/30 + lesson/5
 - Focus Ballet's hit bonus in renewal is now 20 + 2*skill_lv + dex/15 + lesson
 - Focus Ballet's hit bonus in pre-re is now 1 + 2*skill_lv + dex/10 + lesson
 - Slow Grace's ASPD decrease is now 3*skill_lv + dex/15 + lesson
 - Slow Grace's speed decrease is now 2*skill_lv + agi/20 + lesson/2
 - Lady Luck's critical bonus is now 10 + skill_lv + luk/10 + 0.5*lesson (not rounded down)
 - Songs and Dances can no longer be dispelled by Dispell and Vanishing Buster

- Frigg's Song
  - Removed from Group A songs
  - Can now overlap with Group A and B songs

- Frost Nova
  - Increased AoE (Area of Effect) from 5x5 to 7x7
  - No longer hits enemies that are on the same cell as the caster

- Sage Ground Effect Visuals
  - Fixed Land Protector, Volcano, Deluge and Violent Gale which sometimes only displayed one cell

- Lux Anima
  - Only transfers the most recent rune buff to the party
  - The source loses the rune buff that is passed to the party
  - There is a stack limi of 20 Lux Anima Runestones

- Tarot Card of Fate
  - Updated with official chances for each Tarot Card to occur
   -- 15%: LOVERS
   -- 8%: TEMPERANCE
   -- 7%: CHARIOT
   -- 6%: THE HANGED MAN
   -- 5%: DEATH, STAR
   -- 2%: TOWER
 - The SUN tarot card will give you the tarot card status change
   -- The status change makes you immune to other tarot card effects
   -- The affected person will see a tarot card icon and the duration of the effect
 - Fixed LOVERS healing self instead of the target
 - The LOVERS tarot card now displays on self instead of target

- Skills that increase elemental damage
  - Skills that increase elemental damage stack linearly with its value
    (e.g. if the value is -25% and a skill increases elemental damage by 50%, it becomes 25%)

- Spider Web / Fiber Lock
  - Spider Web's duration now depends on the map and how many fiber locks have been stacked
   -- PvM: 1st - 8s, 2nd - 16s (default - 8s)
   -- PvP: 1st - 4s, 2nd - 8s, 3rd - 12s (default - 4s)
 - Spider Web now always doubles fire damage
 - When a unit affected by Spider Web takes fire damage, the Spider Web that lasts shortest is now removed
 - A unit can now only move when all Spider Webs on it were removed or have expired
 - When a unit with multiple Spider Webs on it dies, not all Spider Webs are removed
 - A unit can no longer be affected by more than 3 Spider Webs at the same time
 - Now ends in all situations in which the unit group is removed (e.g. Land Protector)

- Gospel, Tarot, Curse, Poison, Hallucination, Hell Power
 - Updated Gospel chances, effects and duration
   -- Chance of Gospel to trigger increased from 10%*skill_lv to 50%+5%*skill_lv
   -- Gospel's Heal effect now heals 1000-9999 HP instead of 1-9999 HP
   -- Blessing and Increase Agi effects now last for 4 minutes instead of 60 seconds
   -- Increase Defense now only lasts 10 seconds instead of 60 seconds
   -- Gospel's damage is now twice likely to trigger with one of two different effects
   -- Fixed Gospel's damage not showing the Holy Cross effect
   -- Gospel's first damage effect deals 3000-7999 damage which is reduced by DEF
   -- Gospel's second damage effect deals 1500-5499 damage which cannot be reduced by DEF
   -- Curse, Blind and Poison effect now last 30 minutes instead of 60 seconds
   -- Provoke lasts infinite, but is removed when changing maps or logging out
   -- Fixed Provoke's icon from disappearing whenever a status changes
   -- DEF, ATK, Flee and Speed super debuffs now only last 20 seconds instead of 60 seconds
 - Official status change base duration for curse
   -- Curse base duration of Napalm Vulcan and Tarot Card of Fate is now 20 seconds
 - Official status change base duration for poison
   -- Poison base duration for Envenom, Venom Dust, Venom Splasher and Tarot Card of Fate is now 20 seconds
 - Tarot Card of Fate uses base duration for Curse, Poison, Stone, Freeze and Stun
   -- For Confusion and Stop the duration remains fixed to 30 seconds
 - All NPC status skills now have a 20%*skill_lv chance to trigger instead of 50%+10%*skill_lv
 - Damage shown by Hallucination is now completely random instead of being multiplied by 6
 - The animation is now shown when trying to resurrect someone affected by Hell Power






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4 hours ago, Everade said:


- Countles item and monster database updates and fixes
- Monster slaves will now become aggressive when their master starts chasing a target to attack it
- Satan Morroc will now be able to cast all of his skills if his HP gets low
- Updated several item descriptions

* logs in with hope Valentine's ring to be fixed*
* Disppointed*


Is this ever going to be fixed? if not how about replace this item with equal rarity / use?

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