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Custom Quest : Rideword Hat Quest

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I am newbie in gRO and i'm fall in this server. 

I am sorry because i'm poor at english writing.


I cleared "Rideword Hat Quest".

If you want "Rideword Hat", Follow me.


1) Prepare the "Rideword Card" : Go 'Clock Tower 1' and hunt Rideword. Drop Rate is 1%.

2) Go Yuno and Find Bookstore. (265,92)

3) In the Bookstore, You can see "BookShelf". Click and Talk. Last, you insert the card.

4) Then, "Rideword" (Boss mob) presents!!

5) This mob is very strong. But If you kill it, rideword hat is dropped.

Tip : When I kill the Boss Rideword, I am 191lv Ranger. Fight and run away (go town and heal fully). In my case, i fought over 20 times. 

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