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Bug Decrease Agi Status

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I still have the status even when I died, it was still there even when I got buffed by Increase Agi when it should've been dispelled as what is stated on these links http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Slow, http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&skid=29; also the Arch Bishop's Skill Adoramus' effect Decrease Agi can't be dispelled by recasting Increase Agi(by means of skill or scrolls) on the affected target.


Hoping for a feedback.

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10 hours ago, leaphar said:

The indicator/status icon stays but the effect it already been removed, right?

Nope. I'm moving like a turtle even when on HOH and the reduce agility is still in effect. I usually have max aspd. when fully equipped but I have less aspd. due to the status.

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