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Cash Shop - Alternate Outfits

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We've made permanent price reductions for Deluxe Pet Box and the Name Change Contract.
Also don't miss your chance for the limited time offers of Costume Gram Peony and the Costume Blowing Scattered Sakura with an animated special effect!

Outfit VoucherOutfitVoucher.png
The Outfit Voucher unlocks an alternate outfit for one of your characters permanently.
Once unlocked, the new Super Stylist can change the outfit for you. The Super Stylist now features a dress room so you can preview the alternative outfits, hairstyles and colors.
Or if you want to make it fast, the new command @outfit will be unlocked for that specific character.
These new outfits support all available clothing colors.

Currently available for Ranger, Arch Bishop, Royal Guard, Minstrel/Wanderer, Warlock, Mechanic, Guillotine Cross and Genetic
Others will follow as soon as they've been released.



Battlegrounds Graveyard

The battleground healers located at the graveyards will now automatically re-mount Rune Knights, Royal Guards and Rangers if you talk to them.
The storage will no more be triggered, as you can simply open them on your own.

- Fixed Soul Linker max job level has been increased back to 120
- Fixed Token Shop weekly rotation and improved the system so the same shop can not be triggered on the following week

Weapon Balancing
- Reduced Glorious Hunter Bow's damage bonus on demi-human (now 75% bonus instead of 95%)


Latency Issues

We would like to inform you that the issues should already be temporarily fixed.
Our hoster has partly reverted their core router maintenance, which have seemed to have caused packet loss.

If you still encounter connection issues or experience more lag than before the maintenance (08.03.2017)
Please send us your WinMTR log as described in our yesterdays news.

Thank you

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Uhmn would it be possible to get more than one Outfit Voucher per account? If you want more than 1 char in your account?

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On 3/13/2017 at 2:47 AM, leaphar said:

Have you seen a new Sura (male) sprite?

sadly no, i'm so curious to what they look like.

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On 3/12/2017 at 4:47 AM, Everade said:

We've plans to release them later down the road through normal ingame activity. /no1

When this happens, will everyone be given an @outfit command? For some that would like to stay looking like the current sprites or for some who who would like to alternate between the old and new sprites whenever

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Ohhww okay! /no1

Because it would be nice to be able to alternate outfits whenever you feel like looking old or new or if you like the old one altogether /heh


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