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Bane Crossfire

A few suggestions


Hi! I just want to make a few suggestions for events and new things that will help new players.


1. The first problem i have when i was starting to play the server is how can i cope up with old players with complete items and such. One thing i tried after reading tons of forums posts and guides (some are outdated) is the daily quest. For C and B, it's not that hard to do, doing A quests are a bit hard for new players since almost all the MVP spots are camped by players with high to godly equips that makes it hard for new players to get MVP (they are killed in a few seconds). It takes days to finish MVP DQs and a lot of the people i know tend to not do DQ. 


- with this, i think an MVP summoner room is a good idea, but, the MVPs summoned here will not drop any items, just MVP status and DQ completion. I know a lot will react with this suggestion, but why not require people to get items in order to summon a specific MVP. For example, in order to summon Osiris, you would need 200 rotten bandages, cracked diamonds and other items that can be farmed (can lower the drops rate to 40-50%) in the related maps of the MVPs. What this will do is, DQs will be finished without relying on getting disappointed that the MVP you have a quest is killed in 1-2seconda by other players. This will open opportunities for newbies to farm and sell mats to other players than just selling them to npcs. Since the DQ MvP is random, people don't need to farm specific items only for 1-2 MVPs.


2. I often see and participate automated events that give out boxes for consumable items. This is a great idea, but most of the time, rangers dominate these events coz some classes cannot use skills in town. Aome events are also hosted by GMs (DBs and dice) which is ok from time to time. But, in my opinion, i think we still lack exciting events, with this, i suggest 1-2 automated events that needs a few scripting (not that complicated) that can be done every 6 hours. 

   A. Novice Zombie run

   - (description) An NPC will announce the event is starting. Everyone who will be joining will just talk to the NpC and will be transported to a small map (medium or large depending on population). Everyone who joined the event will be turned to novice with stats set to 1 only and all items equipped removed. A random player will be chosen the get infected and will become a zombie in 10s, all players touched (attacked) by the infected player becomes infected (it's like a game of tag). The last one to to get infected will be the winner. Prizes will be given to the first infected and the last one infected. Prizes will be up to the Admin.


  B. Prison Break

  - with this event an NPC will announce the event. People participating will be teleported to a holding cell and will have slow movement as if having a heavy chain ball in their leg(equips will automatically removed, no skill use). The participants need to escape the prison while being chased by wardens that can jail them when they hit a player. Players who get hit and die respawn back to the holding cell. The first person to get to the end of the event (go out of the portal) will be the winner and will get the prize. With this event, everyone will be able to participate, since there are wardens it would be hard (slowed) for just anyone to run to the exit, so sacrifice and strategy will be beneficial for this event. 


I still have a few more event suggestions but i will reserve on another time. 


Hope to hear from everyone what you think of my suggestions. 


Thanks and good day.

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yeah you have some good points there, new players have it hard on Gro i been saying this all the time.
MVP cards are so hard to get and yo have mostly 0 chance without them.

Automatic events is also good i used to play on a very old server that already have automatics events dialy and all the games where fun to play.

More dinamic hosted events should be great! haven seen anything acide dice, hide and seek "MOST BORING EVENT EVER" and dead branch game here.

Hope this suggestion don't stay forgotten :/

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The adventure guild has been specificaly designed so that beginners can start with C quests and move further up as they please.
It's absolutely not intended for newcomers to be able to reach rank S right away.
We've also stretched the goal after rank S even further for the hardcore adventurers only.

So the Adventure Guild scopes just fine for beginners.
Rank S quests are the MVP ones.
Rank A are item supply quests.

So if you're able to manage Rank A quests, you can already get your hands on all the content the shops have to offer.

Unrelated to the adventure guild, we're currently looking into some possibilities to make MVPs more accessable for newcomers.

There's a lot on our to-do list, so we will have to work on each thing one after another.



But your ideas are definitely going into the right direction /ok

Thank you for your suggestions

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