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Land Protector


Skills used: Psychic Wave, Earth Grave, Storm Gust

First off, for Psychic Wave and Earth Grave, when you target inside the LP, the skills will not deal damage.

Next off is when you target them outside LP and your character happens to be INSIDE the AOE for said skills, they will deal damage.(see attached psywavecast/hit images and earthgravecast/hit images)

For Storm Gust, if cast OUTSIDE of LP and your character is INSIDE the AOE for Storm Gust, SG will not deal damage.(see attached stormgustoutsidecast/nohit images)

And finally, if you cast SG inside or outside LP, and your character happens to be at the very edge of LP, SG will deal damage.(see attached stormgustcast/hit images)

May try to include other skills but as of now these are the ones I got.









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Investigated this issue as I was intending to fix it for the next update but it is working as intended. As of renewal, LP does not protect you when the spell is cast on a cell next to LP and thus splashes inside the area. Similarly, standing right on the edge of LP won't protect you anymore.

So, fellas, don't be disappointed when this is not included in the update that will hit our server very soon and it will be huge.

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