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The intention of this guide is to introduce new players to the server, explaining what Gathering Ro is all about. /lv
The guide is minded on newbies, so the equips and things that i will recommend are pretty basic yet useful.

If you find any new player send him here and also if you have some tips and suggestions fell free of sharing your ideas and knowledge /no1

This is also my first Guide on here so it may look at bit crappy and cheap ahahaha.
I'll try to make it look more fancy latter.


  • Rangers Good to kill MVP and mobs, easy to equip.
  • Warlocks Just for area magic skills as mist and jack frost make it easy to farm some items.
  • Genetics, Mechanics and super Novice "they become handy to have on a second account" if you have gold or any item to sell the best thing to do is selling with them taking advantage of Overcharge Skill. It will give you more zenny's.

Also Mechanic and Genetic can get access to buy some goodies that are needed for Daily Quest  "ill explain more about that later" I suggest to have them on a second account because you can also sell stuff with them on the market at: @warp althea 227 213  you only need your Pushcart, be on the right spot, use your Vending Skill  "you can only sell items that are previously on your Cart"  Open your Cart storage with alt + q when you are done click on Ok and then type @autotrade you will log out and your Merch is set and ready to sell.

Now lets jump into equips and basic build only for Rangers and Warlocks.
These builds will be good for faming items and killing MVP.



  • DEX+ 200
    • AGI depends on your ASPD so after you have 200 dex drink one Awakening Potion then use improve concentration Skill that also add some ASPD and then rise your agi until your aspd reach 193.

VIT and LUK depends on you.
You could go for full damage by adding more LUK and the rest to VIT or 200 VIT and the rest on LUK it's up to you.
Also LUK increase your drop rate "i guess" /hmm.


  • Weapon: Elven Bow + Elven Arrows.
  • Armor: Sniping Suit + Marc Card
  • Boots: Tidal Boots + Verit Card
  • Manteu: Wool Scarf + Menblat Card
  • Upper Hat: Brazilian Hat "just to add more movement speed" or Ancient Gold Ornament for more damage.
  • Mid Headgear: Noble Mask +3% attack and has slot "is part of a quest"
  • Low Hat: Deviling Rucksack add+5 Dex and Agi "you can get it on Gathering Vote shop" you can also add slot to it at @warp althea 162 110
  • Accessories: Best and kind of easy to get accessory slotted it's Bow Thimble the problem is that the drop rate is low and on top of that you have to add slot to it with only a 5% of Success rate i still recommend to get 2 or 3 of them slotted as many as you can for the following reasons:

1 Gargoyle drops that Ring and also drops Elven bow one of the strongest bow for rangers so you don't only hunt for that accessory you will also get a good bow
2 you may need many of that bow if you want to refine them and get 1 or 2 +10
3 Bow thimble slotted is needed for a improved bow thimble that will add + 10% long range damage. "ill talk about that latter"
Cards to add, if you go for damage go for bronzering card he's at @warp alt_fild03 that card gives +20 attack

Cards for headgears
Well if we don't consider any MVP card minding this guide for Beginners go for


Dex around 140 or 150
Int 200
Vit 200
the rest on luk or str if you want to use it for farm items.


  • Armor: Orleans Gown + Marc Card or Agav Card for a bit more magic attack.
  • Boots: Tidal Boots + Verit Card. a better card is Fallen Bishop that will give you even more magic attack but its a MVP card worth around 500M zenny's "i'm not sure"
  • Manteu: Wool Scarf + Antique Book Card
  • Weapon: Lich's Bone Wand  and a better option is Staff of Destruction
  • Upper Hat: Brazilian Hat "just to add more movement speed" or Ancient Gold Ornament for more damage.
  • Mid Headgear: Noble Mask.
  • Low Headgear: Anything that gives Magic attack for example Bubble Gum In Mouth and 4 Leaf Clover In Mouth  Both are in Gathering Ro Vote shop."those can also be slotted at @warp althea 162 110"
  • Cards on Headgears: Rata Card + 10 Magic Attack. Isillia Card, Gemini-S58 Card or Marduk.
    if you don't want to use a Brazilian hat then get Authoritative Badges they add almost the same Movement speed.
  • Accessories: Orleans Glove with Scaraba Card at @warp dic_dun02 or INT Gloves

Good places to lvl up prt_fild01, then prt_maze03 "Get Yggdrasil berrys, seeds and Leafs there"
when you are above level 110 go to @warp_abbey02 or @warp_abbey03
Also make sure of loot everything "@autoloot" you can sell the weapons and armors but the miscellaneous items are needed for quest so i recommend you to create your own guild and put those items there.
why make a guild for that? well you don't want your account full of items you only have room for 600 so it's better to keep those items somewhere else.


If you have your equips now lets make some money shall we?.
There's 4 options that i consider the best.

Farming Gold
At Alt @warp alt_fild03, while you farm for gold please consider to have these 3 cards
Myst case: to get Gift Box
Mimic: Old Blue Box
"you can get some hard to find items for quest on those boxes" check up the list of drops.
Jing Guai Card to get: Box of Sunlight "will let you see people with cloaking and hiding for a few seconds"
there Kill Goldings
With warlocks attract them with jack frost 3rd job warlocks skill and kill with Soul Expansion.
With Ranger double strafing to attract them and Arrow Storm to kill them. to deal more damage try Bone mask or Cursed water those will change your arrows element to shadow element.

Daily Quest
@warp althea 121 160

DQ could be a bit hard but is not that hard...
in few words it's a quest based on 4 levels of difficulty.
Rank C
will ask you to kill a determinate amount of monsters 5 times. For example kill 20 Porings, then it will ask to kill 50, 90, 8 or whatever is the number of any monster. do it 5 times and you jump to the next Rank.
Don't worry it won't ask for anything too crazy to find like a mini boss as far as i know. each time you complete the challenge it will reward you with 1 C coupon and 1,500,000 Zeny.

Rank B
will ask you to tame some monsters and it's here when things could get a bit hard. monsters like Sohe, Zealothus, Hunter Fly and yoyo can be challenging because the timing items are hard to get. for those monster you can also use Universal Tamer item "can get them on Gathering Vote shop, Login Reward and inside of event box by killing the special monster and last monster during town invasions but it's random what you get from that box so don't count on that" and if you are desperate and have a patience you can try abracadabra with a sorcerer and wait till the skill ??? show up.
I think you can catch monsters with that skill. or buy the taming item from Black market some people sell those.
to increase your chance on catching pets try to weak them first in some cases it's really hard cause the monster have very low hp.  
What i do with the ones who have high hp is hit them first with Charge Arrow removing most of my equips to do the lowest damage possible. Also when you  are going to tame a monsters it's better to isolate te area and only have that monster near to you, that way you wont miss click and fail. 
Visit this link to have a better idea about Taming Monsters. Also there's a few Taming Items that can be created check Tame Ingredients Guide.
Each time you complete your task you'll be rewarded with 3,000,000  Zenny's and 1 B coupon.

Rank A it's easy, it will ask you to get some items.
It could take some time if you are a new player but if you loot all your drops you'll probably have most of the requested items.
If you come across a really low drop rate item check if they can be bought by another job at the market, for example with Mechanics and Genetics. also there are others items that you can create with Genetics the list is here: Genetic Creations. "to create items you need High luk and dex to increase the sauces rate and also have the exact amount of the items requested to create item no more no less need to be the exact amount or it wont work." Each time you complete your task you'll be rewarded with 6,000,000  Zenny's and 1 A coupon

Rank S could be troublesome it will ask you to kill a MVP.
the main problem is if you are asked to hunt a popular MVP like Moonie, Turtle General, Bascojin, or something hard to kill for new players as Ifrit, or annoying MVP as Lady Tanee and Mistress.
Convex Mirror item become handy in this kind of situations. How do Convex Mirrors works? you have to be on a dungeon where a MVP respawn. if the MVP is already dead it will tell you the exact time for respawn if he's alive it will show you the location of that MVP on the map upper right corner. you can also check the tomb stone it will tell you when he was killed type @time to calculate the respawn time checking ratemyserver.net


If you manage to kill the MVP you will be rewarded by 25,000,000 and 5 of each coupons making a total of 10 of each one per day if you are able to complete the quest.
After that you will be able to do it once more but this time you wont get to Rank S the quest will stop after the last Rank A and you will no get more extra coupons so its up to you if continue after S or stop.

Endless Tower.
*to go to endless tower talk with warp agent on althea then look for dungeon and then Endless.*
Endless Tower is a most. ¿why? well you can get some good items there. items that are needed for quest and also monsters that are rare to see are there.
you must focus in the following items.
Citrin, Amethis, Talon Of Griffon, 2 Carat Diamonds, Orich Voucher, Rose Quartz, Pyroxene, Jellopy, Kalunium, Soft Feather, Elunium, Oridecon, Blue Feather, Red Feather, Phologotipe, Peridot, Matchsticks, Biotite, Muscovite,Clock Hand, Heroic Emblem, Fragment of Rossata Stone, Masque of Tutankhamen, Valhalla's Flower just to name a few.

¿How to survive endless tower and increase your chances to complete it? 
The best match of jobs for endless are Rangers, Sorcerer and warlocks.
yeah no healer nor Royal Guard. so how is that possible? well it's quite easy... Ranger can kill all of the MVP's on endless no exceptions! but you have to be well equipped and know how to proceed.
Each 5 floors you'll face a MVP some are really easy to kill some others don't you also must be careful of those Mvp that can break armor and weapons and also the ones who do a crazy spam as drake or crazy damage as valkyria so i will sum it all and give you few tips of how to beat the hard ones.

On your ranger with the set of equips that i mentioned before you could end ET but if you have white wing set with a high refine level on that armor and big cross bow your chances are even higher.
also consider to have Pimp or Luxury hat if you are dying die its better go back on a safe place to die there, so your party members can resurrect you without putting them on risk too. you can also try Yggdrasil Leaf
by saying a safe place i mean go back to the stairs and die there the rest of the party should go back to the entrance and wait in a corner till the MVP move somewhere else if the MVP is coming your way run to the opposite side as fast as you can! it's a matter of luck and strategy

The job of a Sorcerer at ET
Land protection it's very important to stand a chance against some MVP
If need Hp Sorcerer can give you some with Warmer just sit relax and wait till your hp is back to 100%
Striking it's a good Buff skill for rangers that come handy to kill MVP.
Don't forget Element Converters! you may need water Element to kill Ifrit.
Novice Buff Scrolls are great to have they change your weapon element to Holly and many MVP are weak to that element so go to @warp alt_fild07 and Kill Chipmunk  Chip.gif.541785d7aa6e97ee1a605cf5079c16e7.gif
Another good trick in case your equips get broken i always try to invite to the party my merch /genetic or alchemist and both must be on the same guild so you can put that broken equips on your guild storage log in with your Merch fix the equips put it back on Guild storage and presto! easy way to fix your equips while you still on Endless Tower.

Amon Ra Floor 50 He's Weak to FIRE

can kill you fast if you get too close so with Him try attack from long range "duh" and arrow storm, no need to get any close. "Kill it with Fire"

Tao Gunka Floor 55 nothing to worry about he's replacing Evil snake Lord.


Thanatos He's weak against Ghost / Immaterial Arrows Inmune to neutral.
Not a Real Threat as long he don't get too near to you.

Dark Lord and Baphomet Floor 75 Both are weak to HOLLY.

lod.gif.389b020155ab960168c7b879ddda6464.gif  Baph.gif.90f1e88456c2da8c5a04d7badad2452f.gif
They are not a real big treat, if they don't get too close and attack you together lol. both are weak to holly so set some traps and you know what to do next.

Fallen Bishop Floor 80 He's weak to HOLLY.
with him the same but we may need the help of a Sorcerer setting land protección. why? Fallen cast Pnuma you wont touch him if he do that. so if you set some traps over Land protección and he step in he's done for.

Ifrit Floor 85 He's weak to WATER 

He's the same as fallen you need LP on Him to avoid Pnuma also you may be careful of his mob and long range magic.
Stop him by using trap its a good strategy.

Time Holder what a pain in the AS... not sure if with your newbie equips it's possible to kill it but you can try depending on how many people are on your party. he have no weakness and its Immune to Ghost Element.

Valkyria Floor 90 She's Weak Against Shadows /Try Cursed Water to change your arrows Element.

She's the real danger of Endless Tower best thing you can do to kill her its trap dude set many layers of traps she's weak to undead and shadow so if you don't have Bone mask to change your arrow element into undead try Cursed Water "Endows the user's weapon with [Shadow] element for 3 minutes." don't forget your Unlimit and Full Throttle Skill for more damage. you have to aim to the right one that's important and once you located the right one hit will all, trust in your traps and pray for her dying fast before she gets to you.

Lord Knight  He's weak to WATER 
Just Give up! 


Entweihen Crothen Floor 100 He's weak to HOLLY.
Need to be careful with this dude. he's easy to kill the problem are the mob they are very resistance that Mvp works as a trap the idea is to attack you to the MVP and the mob will kill you in seconds, none of them can move but they have long range magic damage, so the best you can do is first don't move once you are there, then LP after that you have to find a way to proceed by killing the nearest mob you don't have to kill them all i think they respawn i'm not sure so just get rid of the one that are close to you once you have a free way hit will all until he die. he's weak so don't worry. if you die well your team mates behind can resurrect you and then try again. he's weak to Holly.

Once you finish if is your fist time you will be kicked out of the tower but there's another room.
go back to endless you can walk or use ashes of darkness to jump between floors.
Click the torch on the entrance of the first floor.

Naught Sieger He's weak against Ghost / Immaterial Arrows Inmune to neutral .
He's OP very OP you might need a good party to have a chance on him.

And that's all you can get some useful equips there if you want a better list of all the monsters you can find there visit this link.
Also each 25 floors you get 1 ashes of darkness that will allow you to warp between floors.  

Crystal Mine
There's a decent guide for that here you have to make first a mine helm you need 50 matchsticks you can find 10 of them at endless Cheppet drops that floor 54.
my only advise is to use Ranger, wear marduk card and anything that increase your movement speed. skills to use:
Firring trap: to burn the crystals.
Detonator: in case you fail placing the trap it will activate it and also make an explosion that hit 2 cells around it.
Wug Strike: Can become handy to jump over the crystals making it more easy to hit with your trap.
other than that jump constantly find a crystal and burn it.
miths worth like 50M zenny's right now and they are needed for some others quest like Improved accessory


All the previous steps where just an introduction to the server, how to get your gears up for basic stuffs as killing MVP and getting some zenys in the way.
But what about real equips to fight?
Well... considering that you are a new player and don't have any MVP card but yet you still want to join the action have some fun at Woe and Battle ground "forget about PVP"
now on Ro the drops equips are quite useless for real combat. some equips still some how good depending on what you want like Sprint Set, Diabolus Set, Valkyrian ShieldValkyrian Manteau refined up to +10, Valkyrian Armor, White Wing Set for Rangers, Nab's Set for GX Variant Shoes just to name a few.
But don't worry there's others good gears that will help you a loot.
lets start by the easy ones to the hard ones.


Assaulter Plate Set 58eed1a78433f_AssaulterPlate.gif.634bd7aebb3a14db07b6aa4340df4a5f.gif For: Swordman, Merchant, Knight, Blacksmith, Crusader, Alchemist, Taekwon ,Star Gladiator.
Elite Engineer Set Elite.gif.f5626642b12cb7c7609e1974f9796700.gif For: Merchant, Blacksmith and Alchemist.
Assassin Robe Set Assasin.gif.dbafa4aa3a0c9bfd36df3f19abb5a39d.gif For Assasin and Ninja.
Warlock's Battle Robe Warlocks.gif.f42ef81ef08a0b938d7ac5827e085cc4.gifFor: Warlocks Sorcerer and Soul Linker.
Medic's Robe Medic.gif.4ff3928f1717b20c0330b2f43a3d0470.gif For: Priests.
Elite Archer Suit 58eed5731a4ac_EliteAr.gif.eb01f094557bf76b14587e780b16c2d0.gif For Archers.
Elite Shooter Suit Elit.gif.cd965e3e7ce3ea47818c1d5e7a031ec8.gifFor Gunslingers.
These sets are Basic, most of them only add some def and Demi Human resistance, they are cheap to buy and you can find them at @go BG

He sell Glorious Set the best one is Glorious Set "S" boots, Armor, mant, Rings and Helm. that set it's great but don't have any slot.
you can go there and read what that set Do "Remember its the Glorious Set S of equips not the normal one."

That one gives the best Set on the sever. The tricky part to enjoy all the glory and effects of that set you must be refine all up to +9.
Here is when Daily quest becomes a Key of getting good equips.
You can buy Safe Refine Certificate +9 With 120 A coupons.
It may take a some time depending on how good or lucky you are doing the Daily quest. you can also buy Safe Refine Certificate +8 "100 B coupons" and then try to refine to +9 with Blessed Ores. "Don't Worry, Blessed Ores wont break your equips in case it fails you'll only loose the Blessed Ore"
How to Get Blessed Ores? well some can be get via Login Reward. With 90B Daily Quest coupons. or with 100 Emperium Frags for assisting and doing something on Woe.  

Woe Set:
Siege Plate 58eee49088f1c_SiegePlate.gif.fe6a86e541991713600da6169f640844.gif
Siege Suit 58eee57aaf1db_SiegeSuit.gif.de3365eb9443c9bf43539c8224345dc0.gif
Siege Robe
These set are pretty good, they give a good amount of hp and defense it also have slots so you can play with some card combos. But you need to refine only the armor up to +9 or up to +6 for the Siege Robe.

There's plenty of them but these are very Good Str/Int/Agi/Dex/Vit/Luk Gloves


By attending Woe and fighting "yeah you have to fight and don't be just AFK" depending on how many damage you deal you'll be rewarded by certain number of fragments.
Also Healers Jobs also get rewarded by doing so this doesn't mean to make an Archbishop and heal like crazy just to get some easy frags.

Jobs that are Good for Woe and Battleground as i see it considering you have 0 or just a few basic MVP cards are:
Rune Knight, With Glorious Set S and Rune Buffs. Your fighting Skills will be Hundred Spears, Dragon Breath.
Genetic Based on Cannonade and healing with Pots. Skills like Blood Sucker, Hell Plant, Mandragora Howling are good. 

Rangers with White Wing Set and Big Cross Bow: just hide with camouflage and hit from long Distance With Arrow Storm. Add to that Bow Incarnation Samurai and Stormy Knight Or Hydra.
Don't forget to set traps up.


About Weapons it depends on you if you want damage and have no Good damage dealers cards try Vellum Weapons, or Glorious Weapons Both need to be refined up to +9 a higher Refine rate will grant you more Damage.
Emp Weapons are also a good option those have slots so you can play with some cards effects. Check them out at @go Emp .
These weapons are based on full damage. there are others Drop weapons that are also good and you may also take a look at Gathering Custom Weapons and Custom Armors. "ill put a link if i find them all hahaha"

Well i think that's all by now this guide its pretty basic to guide new players and save them time figurate things out.
Gro could be berry challenging server for new players but yet I've seen some new faces doing great so this guide is minded for them.
There's also so many others guides based on equips and strategies for each job so consider checking them up.

Thanks for read and i hope this guide helps /no1




Evil Snake.gif

Dark Lord.gif

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16 hours ago, Rayleigh said:

Great guide. I'm sure this'll be helpful.

Thanks! that's the idea people say that Gro its very hard but once you know what to do and how to do it, things get really easy and enjoyable /heh

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