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Good day! I would like to suggest, if it's possible to please re-implement the +1 all stat of the Emperium Shoes. Since there's a new armor set (Battleground set) which is formidable for offensive gameplay. Emperium set is as much as I see it, remains a defensive armor set and would like to recommend the +1 all stat of the emp shoes be returned to keep up with the new armor sets existing in our server. Given this condition, to make it balance:

Re-implement the +1 all stat to Emperium Shoes provided that the refine rate is +9 and maybe will only be applied if worn with the Emperium Armor and Manteau. I know sleipnir will be again the issue here but I think +1 all stat won't be anymore that big deal since there are new existing sets in the server and the improvement in the Emp Shoes will be justified by its competency versus the BG set.

Thanks for reading!

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