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Rap's Guide to Basic Sura

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Headgears and Costume

Upper Headgear:

63001.png?nocache=526165244 Dark Lord Helm
63011.png?nocache=2061355838 Blessed Helm of Valkyrie
63089.png?nocache=1260151097 Prism 3 (Maya Purple Effect)
63017.png?nocache=196409911 Golden Dragon Helm

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Luxury Cards: Kiel

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Normal Cards: Maya Purple, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet Card

Middle Headgear:

Any slotted Mid Headgear[1] but the best are:

63086.png?nocache=1872876651 Noble Mask
18603.png?nocache=552267146 Black Devil's Mask

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Luxury Cards: Kiel

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Normal Cards: Maya Purple, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet Card

Lower Headgear:

Any slotted Lower Headgear[1] but the best are:

63340.png?nocache=644204973 Rainbow Sash
63338.png?nocache=1374849501 +6~10 Rainbowring Rucksack
63327.png?nocache=1678345792 +6~10 Pumpkin Rucksack
63307.png?nocache=646690275 +6~10 Poring Rucksack
63330.png?nocache=1614253231 +6~10 Gentleman's Pipe

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Cards: Bungisngis Card, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet Card

Why Leib Olmai and Giant Hornet Cards on Headgear? For extra reduction against Wind and Fire properties.

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Bungisngis Card is for those who use Prism 3 and has a +6~10 Lower Headgear.


19780.png?nocache=629824140 Knit Rabbit Ears

Knit Rabbit Ears is a must if you are using Prism 3 and a +6~10 Lower Headgear to have a decent bonus HP % just like Dark Lord Helm. A +10 Lower Headgear with 4403.png?nocache=908689904 Bungisngis Card gives 5% HP while 19780.png?nocache=629824140 Knit Rabbit Ears give 3% HP in a total of 8% Bonus HP, in addition to that, you can wear 2 Kiels while having a Maya Purple Effect with 63089.png?nocache=1260151097 Prism 3.




65112.png?nocache=1829070741 +6~9 Emperium Armor
65108.png?nocache=543481679 Brynhild [1]
65105.png?nocache=1836186589 Glorious Suit S
15048.png?nocache=356889506 +6~9 Woe Robe

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Luxury Cards: Tao Gunka, Detardeus/Detale

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Normal Cards: Ghostring, Marc


65113.png?nocache=1443646361 +6~9 Emperium Cape
65107.png?nocache=1055791526 Glorious Muffler S
2587.png?nocache=1116483309 +6~9 Woe Muffler
2554.png?nocache=790841789 Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Luxury Cards: Guardian Kades, Farbjodur

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Normal Cards: Deviling, Raydric, Noxious


65114.png?nocache=1638313289 +6~9 Emperium Boots
65106.png?nocache=1024709913 Glorious Shoes S
2485.png?nocache=1021774825 +6~9 Woe Shoes
22014.png?nocache=1335746848 Enhanced Variant Shoes[1]

Cards: Amon Ra, Boss Egnigem, Firelock Soldier, Green Ferus

Only use 4403.png?nocache=908689904 Amon Ra card if you are wearing 2 Kiels, if you use it while having only 1 Kiel youre gonna get stucked if many players hit you continuously triggering 'Kyrie Eleison' in the process.


2772.png?nocache=1547206844 Glorious Ring S-1
2772.png?nocache=1547206844 Glorious Ring S-2
63301.png?nocache=1785437538 Improved Ring [1]
2898.png?nocache=388524777 Dark Rosary[1]

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Cards: Errende Ebecee, Bronzering, Alligator, Smokie

If you prefer not to use a full Glorious Set S, I recommend you to use 2 pcs 2772.png?nocache=1547206844 Glorious Ring S-1. The attack bonus that is given by 63301.png?nocache=1785437538 Improved Ring is not worth it compared to the resistance and HP given by wearing 2 pcs 2772.png?nocache=1547206844 Glorious Ring S-1.


2150.png Emperium Buckler
2115.png?nocache=1836612570Valkyrja's Shield

4403.png?nocache=908689904 Cards: Golden Thief Bug, Thara Frog, Maya

Still under construction

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