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April's Easter Event Guide (2017)

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There there there, another new special easter event for this year! 

4 exclusive easter costume.. with these... The hunting season has begun!!

What are we waiting for!? it's time to dress ourselves in easter style!

Fabulous fabulous all the way~~~~


Let's start the quest right now! (on fire)


This is the first guy (Carlos) you want to meet which is located in our main town "Althea"



What do we need : 


58f6c2eb3aa70_eggshellheadgear.png.cae5fa920bfcf7d7f5da007891b732eb.png     Rainbow Eggshell Quest

bunny.png.c87f00b4a50e120fceb41e59b1a17339.png     Bunny Band Quest

58f6c37815c90_rainbowcarrot.png.ea487b2d91ccd8a0541061adf4db2dd6.png    50x "Rainbow Carrot" : which is dropped by konijn.gif.1c4eeb61ff1798aba7f29f1c47a9639a.gif "Lunatic" at 10% chance (@warp prt_fild01)

58f6d2d82044e_pieceofegg.png.e1cd1d82fb44ab528d7df001b792758e.png200x "Piece of Egg Shell" : which is dropped by 58f6d38fba123_woodgoblin.gif.8e5efe96f9285d8373c11ea33ed4fd8d.gif "Wood Goblin" at 50% chance. (@warp mosk_dun01)

58f6c1d38523a_pecoegg.gif.7b0d979d09e17339e10212ee8e2332fb.gif 4x Peco Peco Egg Card  58f6c1e3642ed_pickyegg.gif.629083d856ac2b7217190e270988276d.gif 3x Picky Egg Card  ( Both at @warp moc_fild12)

konijn.gif.1c4eeb61ff1798aba7f29f1c47a9639a.gif 1x Lunatic Card : ( @warp prt_fild01)


After you bring all the items to Carlos, he wil give you a costume "April's Fool Day" and a " Fools Day Hat"




Ahahaha.... You just noticed you got fooled by him? It's April fool afterall! Let's get him back by visiting payon!


His mum " Rose Stella " seems to pretty much know how obnoxious his son is. She wil make it up by exchanging the " Fool Days Hat " to one of these exclusive easter costume which are : Costume Picky Egg Shell  // Costume Bunny Headress // Costume Bunny Eggshell ( See pictures at the beginning )

Note: If you are truly unlucky... you might end up getting the same headgears over and over... 


This quest does require a little bit of patience~ But... for the sake of looking fabulous... let's do this!! 

You can always play some action music on youtube that keep you on fireeeee to keep this going!!

Happy easter and have fun at farming!!

Cheers Khai >.O



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On 20-4-2017 at 1:32 PM, Tuna said:

Thank you for the guide fat Khai <3

You're super welcome! Thin Fishy :D!

18 hours ago, Abril♥ said:

This is awesome! Great job Khai!

Thanks !! it's a pleasure to make one :P

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Carlos is my kind of bish <3 ! Glad he came back this year, nice guide khai \o !

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13 hours ago, D e M o N said:

Nice guide!

Will definitely give it a try. /rice


Thanks! Less creeping more farming~ Goodluck vio :P haha

4 hours ago, Dany said:

Carlos is my kind of bish <3 ! Glad he came back this year, nice guide khai \o !

Thankies!! :P I'll become like Carlos then~ kidding kidding

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