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Server Migration

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Update: 25.06.2017
The hoster wasn't able to hold on its promise to deliver the new server in time.
The old server contract runs out by tomorrow, so depending on the situation it might be possible that we will lose access to the current server.

We're already in contact with the hoster to prevent that from happening.
But in the worst case scenario gRO may be offline for a few days.

We will keep you posted as soon as we know more.


Hey there fellow players!

We've been pretty quite since our latest updates back in April.
So i'm here to keep you posted for our further plans.

I've been really busy as i've been personaly working on my diploma which is about to end soon.
So GatheringRO had to take a little pause from new content.
But we will be back working on new updates as soon as i'm finished.

The first update being a migration of GatheringRO to brand new server hardware!
The maintenance for the migration is sheduled somewhere inbetween the 19th and 25th June.

This means that there will be a downtime of several hours during the migration day (yet to be announced more precicely).
New server hardware means more performance for the game. So data can be saved and loaded much faster than ever before!
Your account progress is not affected, all your efforts will be migrated as well.

More details on the migration will be released soon.

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2 hours ago, Drop By Newbie said:

Please. Include the valkyrie mob time of respawn in odin_tem03. Instead of 30minutes, it spawn in 2 hours. Thank you. and Goodluck,

2 hrs is the new respawn time since we are having the renewal patch.

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5 hours ago, lancelot said:

Nice! Update i can smell it!

Hahaha! You've been saying that for months now /heh

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