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New Menu
Our website now features a new menu which can be openend website-wide.
Now you can access all the important links from any page at any given time.

The new menu can be opened by clicking on the new icon at the top-left corner.
This is also helpful if your browser does not support flash, since our main menu is built upon that.


roBrowser deprecated

roBrowser has been removed from GatheringRO since the migration to the new server.
Further development was on halt since it's initial release. Since it's still lacking a lot of features and only a few people were actually using it... we've decided to remove it entirely. It is not representing what gRO truly has to offer and may only advertise a wrong picture to new players.


Facebook banhammer

Yes we've been banned yet again, for the 3rd and last time.
We won't give it another try and say goodbye to the official GatheringRO facebook page.
If you want to keep yourself posted over social media, we will still continue to do so on Twitter.


Ingame Updates

We know you're all waiting for some new ingame content!
Sadly, i can't announce new content as of today.
Even though the official server migration may have been finished already, there was still a lot of stuff to work on in the background.

But we're back on track now and are working hard on ingame updates while some of the new upcoming features require extensive testing before we can role them out.

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This i great! The new menu is very helpful!



1.) Why has the GatheringRO Facebook Page been banned? Who/what is causing it?

2.) What is the GatheringRO Twitter page?

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Oh that's why the page in Facebook is nowhere to be found :(

There's still hope :D Ingame updates will come soon, just have to wait a little longer :o

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Gravity is the reason for the ban on Facebook.
The Twitter link can be found within the new menu and also since months on the main page left bottom community section.

Twitter is probably the next most famous social media (news) platform on planet earth, right after facebook.
We do only twitter our latest news and events there.
So it's probably only interesting to those who're already familiar with twitter.

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