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Square headed screws have more abiding in hurricanes

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Attention - Hexagonal wood screws is absolutely manufactured; it's beeline with aboveboard corners.

Greater Architecture Ambit For all Materials---steel has the accomplished strength-to- weight ratio, creates a stronger, lighter-weight frame, accommodates greater spans, and allows for beyond accessible spaces aural a building.

Continued Appellation Amount Adherence - compared to lumber, the amount of animate is abundant more stable.

Below Decay - animate studs can be cut to exact lengths with about no waste.

Dimensionally Abiding - there is no shrinkage, no rotting, and no warping.

No Possibility of Insect or Cast Accident - animate is by itself termite, carpenter ant, and cast proof.

Bigger Protection in Accustomed Disasters---steel withstands hurricanes and earthquakes better.

Below Assurance Plan - there are no attach ancestor or drywall cracks.

Building Owner Benefits

Environmentally Superior - animate is non-toxic and allergy-free, with no waste, and college recycling potential.

Awful Abiding Over the Continued Haul - there are no awash doors and windows, no out-of-plumb walls or billowing roof lines.

Blaze Assurance - animate does not burn.

Lower Allowance Premiums - because square headed screws is blaze retardant and more abiding in hurricanes and earthquakes, allowance premiums are lower.

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