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Forum Update & Patcher

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Our forums has just been updated to the latest version!

Featuring Clubs

We now have a dedicated Club Directory which allows you to create your own sub-forums for your guild, friends or whatever you always wanted to create!
The service is absolutely free, this is your chance to have your very own forum section.
This is just perfect for your own guild to grow stronger or to meet up with your favourite people.

As the creator, you will get special moderator rights.
That means that you can make your own forum sections within your club and manage everything.

Your own club can be set to public or private, it's your ultimate decision!
Create multiple forum sections where people can post new topics.

To give you a little insight of how it may look like, we've created an Example Guild club fo you to peak in.

GatheringRO Patcher

Since the update of our GatheringRO Patcher, we were struggling with a lot of false positive detections by several anti virus softwares.
This usualy happened everytime we did an update, but not in this extent!
False positive means that there isn't an actual infection nor is it dangerous.
The behaviour of our (not well known) patcher system may be suspicious that's why it's being detected. Simply because it downloads, installs and deletes files within the GatheringRO directory. Which is what a patcher is supposed to do.

So depending on the Anti Virus Software you're using, it may be possible that the gRO Patcher has been moved into quarantine.

We can ensure you that there's no hidden malware, trojan, worm, spyware nor virus.
You can safely add the GatheringRO-Patcher.exe to your trust list.
For those who don't trust us, we understand your concerns!

We've been reporting the false positives to all the anti virus softwares who've been detecting something which simply isn't there.
And good news, a lot of them have removed the false positive already!
So make sure you keep your anti virus software up to date, as this false positive detection may already be gone.

Kaspersky, Avast, TrendMicro, McAfee ESET-NOD32, K7, WhiteArmor, ViRobot, Panda, GData, ClamAV, AegisLav, Ad-Aware and a few others have removed the false positive already.
Kaspersky, Avast, TrendMicro, McAfee ESET-NOD32, K7 and some others are still detecting this false positive, but we've reported it to them and are awaiting their response.


Ingame Updates

Let's make this short: We're still working on it, but it will be worth it!
But letme give you a textual sneak peak:

- Tons of skill balancings and updates (thanks to Rayleigh)
- Multiple, new and very useful features (Expanded Channel System, ?, ?, ?)
- New instance

And so much more!
I'm really excited for this one and hope we can surprise you with a few things.

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New Instance and rebalancing :o worth the wait! Tho still waiting for my antivirus to stop deleting gro patcher xD

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According to Virustotal.com, avast does not have a false positive and should be fine.
Is it really still triggering?

Avast on PC/Windows?


I've just installed avast free edition to test it.
And upon checking the Patcher it didn't detect anything. So it seems to be fine.

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I just noticed that the small update installer is being threated as false positive as well.
Rather than reporting that one yet again to everyone, i've re-created this update package.

Please note that our old server is no more reachable. So if your patcher was not able to update on its own in the meantime.
You will have to install the Patcher update manually.

Here's the new one:

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