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Rap's Guide to EASILY get MAX Level

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  1. Upon creating a new character, you are supposed to be a Novice. Kill a poring and change your job to whichever 1st job class you want.
  2. After getting the class you desire, kill monster until you get level 99 with max job level. Remember not to change your job after getting to this level.
  3. Buy a Lvl 9 Fencer mercenary from 'Mercenary Service', located at the top left near the Hypnotizer.
  4. Use the scrolls/mercenary the you bought and equip its skill 'Bowling Bash', then talk to the Job Master to rebirth your character.
  5. Kill a poring again then, change your job to High 1st job class.
  6. Get max job levels and change your job to Transcendant 2nd job class.
  7. Go to thor_v03 and kill monsters there until you get 250 (Note: Please dont change to 3rd job upon getting to level 150, resist the temptation and reach the max level)
  8. After getting the max level 250, proceed to @warp lhz_dun02 150 150 to kill monsters to be able to get the max job level 120 for 3rd class.

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