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Does silvervine fruit has a chance to become trade-able?


This only a suggestion for make us feel better when playing this game. Silvervine fruit is become item restricted and it make "feels special" because only with people with cash shop only that can buy that thing. Since this game not only consist of people that can buy CP but there are people who cannot buying CP, I have a solution for that silvervine fruit.

First, Its very simple make it trade-able because it will make this game a lot easier since there is to many ppl will join woe at this moment or soon.

Second, Adding the seagon anger or something that can be farm with ppl that who doesnt have CP and ppl who cannot buy CP. so it will make us become better together.

Third, Make it silvervine fruit available in vote shop, It will make us automatically voting gro <3 about 50 votepoints for 1 silvervine fruit is already good XD. Last, Maybe adding S class coin or sea god anger is a good suggestion to apply it

Thanks GM!!!! for your consideration 

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Omg yes please! Or even at the very least make the Silvervine Fruit Box at the Cash Shop tradable.

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