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Gale Windscar

Pimp/Lux for Doram and Support Doram


Just a suggestion to make Lux/Pimp wearable for Doram, even though Tuna Belly isn't affected by +healing skills, they can still gain access to the skill Heal via accessory combo.

Not to mention these headgears are useful for instances too for the Resu skill.


Another thing I noticed was the hard nerf on the seafood skill line (support) of Dorams, which makes support Doram hard to play.

Whilst I understand the nerfs to Tuna Belly (from 90% > 10%) and CD items for Tuna Party, I feel that this is a bit hard and restricts play when the Summorer job was intended to have 3 distinct archetypes. Though this is hard, because buffing these skills will also mean Physical and Magical Dorams will have access to this too.

The root problem being the job level too high - having access to all skills. Maybe we can reduce the max job level? then tune the skills again along with the job level stat bonuses.

Just a thought, thanks!

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