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Gale Windscar

Goldring Field, Crysal Mine, Comodo Digging - Thoughts


I think these 3 attractions need an improvement as they are almost forgotten.

Goldring Field

First and foremost, I believe that gold farming is outclassed by Daily Quests - which is entirely a different story.

If possible, maybe we can change the purpose of Goldring, Silvering, and Bronzering cards.

Goldring never sees any use, Silvering as an alternative to Horong, and Bronzering a better Gold Scaraba card.

What if they just lose their effect (or retain it) and become something like a point system for an NPC (a collector)?

Where the NPC would trade for these in exchange for gRO Tokens, Headgears, etc.

Also as how the the economy is suffering from inflation, maybe increase the drop rate a tad bit or bump up the selling prices of gold just a little more.

Crystal Mine

More like the Ghost Mine, people just come here when they really need miths, unlike the past where mithril was the active currency.

Maybe Obsidian Fragments could drop from here at a very low rate? And that maybe we can change how the crystals actually work (as monsters),

that instead of needing to kill it, make it like an object where you click it with an old pick or advanced mining pick in your inventory and a loading bar

appears above the head to indicate progress - this would make mining accessible to everyone and every class and not limited to those with

skills like Firing Trap - making it more realistic mining.


Comodo Digging

Who digs with a spoon??? I think an NPC that sells shovels could be added. The initial shovel must be bought and can be further upgraded by materials also found in the

digging spots. This shovels has a chance to break regardless of quality - but higher quality means lesser chance of breakage and different qualities of shovels have different

percentages on items to dig. Also a revamp on the items that can be obtained through it too.

Plus, maybe we can remove the land mine thing, it's a bit tedious and why is a land mine in a beach anyway? /heh


Just my two cents. :)

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can we talk also about bronze coins? I read somewhere that they were used for comodo digging, but now not anymore. For what do I need them? I remember as new player I was curious about it, asking around I find out they were useless Q.Q Am I wrong?

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