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Website Security & Updates

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Security Patches

- Updated control panel core to enhance security.
- Removed deprecated features due security issues (NPC and Map Database)
- Removed deprecated player locator system on our World Map
- Replaced old captcha system with reCaptcha v2 during registration process
- Added reCaptcha v2 to login process to enchance account security
- gRO Wiki core cleanup to enhance security
- gRO Wiki enhanced overall security settings
- Improved security by making access through proxies less comfortable

Database Updates

- Updated item database with all latest information
- Updated item database with all latest icons and pictures
- Implemented new item types to database and database searches
- Implemented Summoner to database

Other Updates

- Updated a lot of gRO Wiki pages and created several Templates to enhance usability and functions
- Some bug fixes and code cleanup on the World Boss Timer
- Added Review Us button to Vote for Credits page and updated vote shop button with a picture
- Updated Worldmap with latest map graphics
- Website performance improvements
- Other minor improvements and cleanups
- Fixed several bugs

Website Access Issues

- Fixed a firewall issue related to the cloudflare server located in Zurich - Switzerland. Players living in the area nearby (austria, some parts of germany etc.) may have been experiencing website access issues during the past few weeks. This problem has now been resolved.



We're planning to replace the current used flash main menu since flash is not going to be supported anymore in the future. It is a deprecated system which also isn't supported on smartphones.

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