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Put Refine Certs in the WoE Shop and/or Boss Frag NPC [Suggestion]

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Both WoE 1 and 2 has been far less populated recently. It would give more of an incentive for people who have already bought their Emperium Weapons/Armor. It also would give more people an option just like how you can get  Enchantable Wings from either WoE-ing, BG-ing, or DQ-ing. More access for more players. /no1

It's also a more fun method to get it. Play WoE, get Frags, buy refine certs. Rather than DQ, which really feels like a chore /swt  

Or in that evil boss frag NPC

Even if just the lower end one like +7 Cert

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I just remembered that I made a suggestion extremely similar to this 7 months ago and it didn't get anywhere at all,,,


Suggestions that concern refine certs being available outside of DQ will go nowhere /swt

So yea topic closed, please.

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