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Chest of Ascended Crafting is not giving Refine Certifcates by default



It's supposed to give:

3 HD Bradium or HD Carnium or Blessed Ore

1 Safe Refine Certificate ranging from 5-9

The ones that say "or" would be either of those. But the last one is supposed to be a given?

Clicking it would mean you can get 3 HD Carnium and a +5 Refine Certificate. But if you click it you just get either a Blessed Ore or the 3 HD Bradium/Carnium

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All Chest items, in the item description it says what item you can get.


Like there's another chest that gives:

6-10 Obsidian Fragment

1-2 Legendary Crafting Material


You can get however much in that range, so maybe you'll get 7 Obsidians and whatever crafting material. But you'll get them as an assurance because the description doesn't say "or"

1 hour ago, Yzobel said:

Wow never knew this! Got lots of HD Carnium only on this chest! hahahaha /heh

Yea check the item description when you get a chance to have one. You're supposed to get one assured, it's not a random either/or item, supposedly. /swt

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