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Remove burger menu / sidenav from forums?

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the burger menu / sidenav is visible on the forums. I guess you figured as much as well. It doesn't scale down on the phone so it actually is kind of an eyesore when I browse the forums on my phone.
Also, since Invision offers good enough on-page navigation for both PC and phone, I feel like it's kind of unnecessary to have the sidenav on the forums.

From what I can tell from the Google Chrome dev tool, the code for the sidenav burger was pasted after all other parts of the site.

Possible fix:

Assuming this site is built on php templates, the code probably is located in either the footer template or some template that loads secondary css/js/etc files in the bottom. That's also why the burger is displayed anywhere on the forums as well as the wiki and I think any other part of your gatheringro.ch domain which includes the template in which the burger menu was added.

Step one would be to remove the code from it's presumably wrong location.

Next locate the template/html file in which the body of the main site is contained (gahteringro.ch) and move the code before the closing div of div class "pxtie". Given the landing page URL, I'm assuming it is "index.php".


Only have the burger menu on gatheringro.cho landing page and it's sub pages.


Possible fix #2:

My whole theory is wrong and your site entirely runs on a CMS which allowes editing with an interface, in which case you can simply turn off the sidenav for certain subfolders and subdomains.


Long story short: I don't think we need the sidenav on the forums and the wiki. Does anyone else agree?

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The side navigation is a simple addition offered through an app from cloudflare.
So yes it's baked in.

However it is intended to be available throughout the entire website, so you always have full access to everything, not just the forum intern links.

I don't think that it's really annoying on the forums nor anywhere else while visiting on mobile.
The entire content can still be navigated just fine.

Also the size seems to be perfectly fine as well so the menu can be navigated naturally.

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Fair enough, boss. What do you think about changing the menu's icon color from white to black? Or some color that contrasts better with the background color on the forums/wiki?

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