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Everyone will hate me for this post but srsly I can't count how many times I tryed, in the last 5 months, to buy a Thanatos/LK card (I gathered 10b on august and I still don't have a thanatos or a LK card) and everytime I do an offer in zeny (if you check the mvp card prices I'm always offering 1-2b more of the "market price") the answer I got is: do u have symbol?


so can we cut the head of the taurus (it's an italian's say) and put again those symbols in the vote shop? Seems like it's the only valuable item and this make the zeny worth nothing.

Anyway I never seen someone selling a symbol but I just see 10-15 guys looking to trade their thana/lk/whatever for a symbol! Make them happy, make me happy. /thx

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