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Emperium Wand Bonus Revamp

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Good day!

Is it possible if we can add a little bonus effect for the Emperium wand to make it competitive against Crimson Staff[2] and Sword Stick[2]. Emp Wand contains only 1 slot while the other not only they exceed more in the total matk given but the additional slot makes it much more convenient.

Current State:

20% Reduction in variable cast and Fixed cast (Please check this as I filed a bug report since I tested and it seems it doesn't work unlike it's counterpart which is the Emp Shoes)

20% Movement speed (Please check this as well if it behaves accordingly as I tested if you use an Authoritative badge, the bonus mspd is gone. Checked via equipping and unequip the wand)

Open for only 1 card slot. 180 MATK


If possible to atleast add a damage factor such as 15~20% magic damage to demi-human

Or add 10/15/20% reduction in cast delay like in Emp 2H Sword. Or Both :P

Thanks for your consideration.

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11 hours ago, Khaii said:


Something similar to emp book would be nice

+1 as well if we can add something to the book like fixed cast or movement speed

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