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Hot Fixes - December Update

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05.01.2017 - Hot Fixes

- Fixed a bug which allowed players to loot a boss chest multiple times within specific instances when boss got reset by the instance itself
- Fixed a bug which allowed players to loot a boss chest multiple times during specific overweight complications
- The boss chest now properly informs your about overweight issues accordingly so you can still loot after storing some items.
- Fixed Battlegrounds daily cap reward issue due the 1st day of the year which caused a complication with the algorithm
- Fixed Mechanic - Hover skill requirements
- Fixed Mechanic - Repair skill requirements
- Updated Salvage Tool item with latest emperium gear content
- Updated WoE and Battlegrounds reward chests with latest content
- Several improvements and other minor fixes on some of the latest content

30.12.2017 - Hot Fixes

- Reverted the unwanted Healing Skill changes to how it was before the update
- Fixed World Boss Chest reward issue when players clicked the chest multiple times in a row
- Fixed Baby Job Master which didn't detect Summoner and thus changed you into a human
- Fixed Warmaster's Badge item effect
- Fixed Battlegrounds daily reward cap to be properly increased to 1000 per day rather than 600
- Fixed attack speed issue for 1handed spears when equippey by Rune Knights
- Fixed Lou, from the Half Legendary quest to properly close the cutin image
- Fixed the Flying Galapago effect to check for the Falcon and Skill requirement before applying the autocast bonus
- Reverted the official fix for Mechanics. Skill requirements now only need the equipment to be in your inventory rather than being equipped. (which is now custom)
- Improved Octopus Cave player menu for non party leaders so they can read the story and buy their own picks as well
- Added weight checks on Pro Hunter Quests so that you can not fail the exam anymore if you didn't get all 4 Approvals
- Added weight checks on the Adventure Guild Quest system
- A few further smaller skill balancings/tweaks
- Disabled all @duel commands next to the pvpmode to prevent further abuse and get more players into the PvP Arenas. The instanced PvP Arena is now the only proper 1vs1 duel solution
- Several item description fixes
- Other minor fixes related to new content

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