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gRO 13th Anniversary Promotional Events [Suggestion]

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In exactly a month from now will mark gRO's 13th year anniversary! I had an idea for a suggestion to run a limited time 13-themed event!


On the day of the 13th anniversary, starting on 13:13 (Server time), a promotional event that will run for 13 hours straight!



  • 13% Discount on all Cash Shop items
  • 13% chance to get a +13 Armor/Weapon certificate on your 13th Daily Quest completion (that would be the third A quest)
  • 13% more badges in all modes in BG
  • 13% more upgrade success rate for all weapons and armors from +10 to +13
    (+13% chance from +10 to 11, from +11 to 12, from +12 to 13, and from +13 to 14)
  • 13% more upgrade success rate for all levels on Shadow Gears
  • 13% more chance to successfully slot Temporal Boots
  • 13% more chance to transform a Nebula Aura into a Sash
  • 13% more chance success on slotting a Balmung [0] and making a Bryn [1]
  • 13 points per click on the voting website instead of 1 point




Or you can pick and choose whichever you prefer to implement and for however long the time instead but I just thought it would be cute to have a 13 theme hahahaha! /heh/heh

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8 hours ago, lancelot said:

Cash shop and refine success is <3

When you want to haitus but they suggested this stuff and rip all my money then !!! hahaha +13!!!! 


@Sarahey +13! yes pls

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