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What causes "Not Eligible" in instances?


I was "Not Eligible" 2 times on Old Glast Hiem.


1. I was NOT using dual.

2. I was doing 55k damage while zerked, so can't be from low damage.



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2 hours ago, Everade said:

I've been working on some improvements which might help with this issue.
Will be released with the upcoming update.




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Could it be that the damage that is saved in the database exceeds a maximum value that the database can hold, so it resets?


This seems plausible, because during WorldBoss Events, players that do very high damage only get EBF+Ygg.

But players that do low to moderate damage, can get 4-6 reward items.



On 1/9/2018 at 10:01 AM, Everade said:

1. Yes it is the same system like the World Bosses, so you must do enough damage to be eligible, although it shouldn't be too much.
2. Your death should not affect it since the database still saves all the damage done by player id in the background. The system simply checks your done damage when you click the chest.
    However i have never tested this myself so i can't tell if it actually works to 100%





This happened today, it is the 2nd WB I participated in the last 24 hours.

Damage is visible in the logs.


The last rewards chest I click on was during the OGH instance which is the screenshot in my first post. /sob


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I've never been able to reproduce the issues, not while testing instances nor while testing WB.
Some slight improvements will be released soon and might possibly help with the issue, but i still can't figure what's wrong.


The "you're not eligible" only triggers when you've done below 0.5% dmg from the total dmg dealt vs the boss compared to all other participants.


According to all the tests i've ever done, it works perfectly fine.

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