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what its better?


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Depends on what cards you put in the bows. If you are just starting out, Elven is the better bow.


If you have Thanatos card, high refine Crimson would be better. (roughly x2 warg damage too)


Also depends on the type of ranger you have:


Auto-attack = Elven Bow + Elven Arrow (Crimson Bow if you have Thanatos Card)


Arrow Storm = Giant Crossbow


Aimed bolt = Gigantic Bow (+40% ranged damage, not limited by arrow element)

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2 hours ago, unknownuser said:

demon, how to get the Gigantic or the Giant Bow?


I'mnot demon, but I'll try to anwer /gawi


the 18122.gifGiant Bow [1][source] can be obtained from Jitterbug of Nightmare instance[source1],[source2]


Boss monsters in this instance has a chance to drop Tooth Of Jitterbug. Mingmin at the end of the instnace will exchange one random gear in the list below for 50 Tooth Of Jitterbug.

616.gifOld Card Album x 1
12246.gifMystical Card Album x 1
15100.gifFrozen Breastplate [1] x 1
15101.gifHardened Breastplate [1] x 1
18122.gifGiant Bow [1] x 1
18123.gifBow of Storms [1] x 1
2989.gifBloody Floral Decoration Bracelet [1] x 1
1990.gifBloody Floral Decoration Microphone [2] x 1
2988.gifOz's New Wing Ring [1] x 1
1935.gifOz's New Ukulele [2] x 1
2990.gifPendant of Harmony x 1
2991.gifPendant of Chaos x 1
2992.gifPendant of Maelstrom [1] Can be obtained by combining a Pendant of Harmony [0] and a Pendant of Chaos [0].


But I think it's not yet implemented on this server

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