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Devil's Tower - the Mercenary and the Chest




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First, this is the picture of the thing that I want to tell







Here are the thoughts about it:

  • Mind Blaster.png Mind Blaster is the only skill that can make us deal damage to the Boss, otherwise it will receive '1' damage on each attack
  • As shown at the picture, the Mercenary has around 1.2m HP
  • The Boss dealt like 100k~400k to the Mercenary using its skills if I'mnot wrong in remembering
  • Boss seemed to change target when getting attacked, it would attack the Mercenary after he casted Mind Blaster.png
  • When the Mercenary died, there's no way to continue the instance



So, would it be possible to adjust the Mercenary's stat so he could survive the Boss's attacks a bit better?

and the chest reward, can it be something like other instances chests like Faceworm's Nest, Buwaya Cave, etc.? that's splitted evenly to all party members


Thank you /gawi

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He will get some buffs with the next patch.

We have no plans to implement our chest system as the instance is pretty unique when it comes to the rewards already.
So once you kill the boss, you will be warped to a different location which means you wouldn't be able to loot the chest in the first place.

And the chest spawned afterwards on the other map can not support our current chest reward system.

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