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Asprika Buff (Suggestion)


This is only my thought and my suggestion about asprika. Aesprika is on of the god item that we get from gm castle or we collect the ingredient from Woe 2.0

i just realize that Asprika is not one of meta item that we used regularly in woe either on pvp.  it will enrich our gear then it will enrich our gameplay too. I hope that it will get buff soon because, almost all of the god item already get buff like mjolnir, brisingamen, bryhild[0], and also sleipnir. In addition, we already have so many custom armor in battle ground which is more appealing (vampire gift, buwaya effect on emp formal suit set, resistance to burning until 70%, not to mention highly offensive BG armor) then using brynhild and asprika together -.-!, then to compete with them this is one of my suggestion,  Its one of the way that can make woe 2.0 more appealing:


Asprika give:
Reduces damage from melee attacks of all elements by 30%.
FLEE + 30, MDEF + 5.
Enables use of Level 1 Teleport.
Cannot be refined, cannot be destroyed.


I propose two options:

First option:

Asprika [1] that give:

Flee+30, Mdef+5

Reduces damage from melee attack of all elements by 15%

if combine with brynhild[1] then

Add reduces damage from melee attack of all elements by 5%

to slot it, it will need same requirements with bryhild does then it will boosting again the economy of gro


Second Option:

Asprika [0]:

Reduces damage from melee all elements  by 15%. 

FLEE + 30, MDEF + 5.

If u combine with Bryhind [1] gives:
Reduces damage from range all elements  by 15%


I hope that GM will considerate this option

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thats why i giving them two options. Rather than, its outclassed forever in storage. From what you tell me, i can put those (your suggestion) on  new emp set or bg armor set and it will be more better rather than asprika and brynhild, they were more better than i suggest here. My suggestion isn't that over powered.

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Slotting Asprika would mean you can put Farbjodur or Deviling card. Which would result in 65% resists to elements with 1 armor.


Then you can combined it Valkyrie shield and resist cards in armors/headgear and you can easily get 100% resist or higher to certain elements.

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