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New Year Updates

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NPC Updates
- Added Clothing Effect Removal Service in Althea next to the bank building. He offers the service to remove time-limited clothing effects such as Santa Suit, in case it prevents you from going into battle.
- Fixed Octopus Cave entering issues
- Fixed Rock Ridge monster hunt quests

Monster Updates
- Fixed Faceworm Larva damage (was only inflicting 1dmg per hit)
- Implemented missing item drops for Lighthalzen dungeon floor 1-5

Sky Fortress Instance
- Implemented the missing card drops
- Fixed boss monster element
- Fixed instance cooldown to the appropriate 3 days
- End-Boss now supports the Treasure Chest 

Skill Balancings
- Catnip Meteor cooldown has been increased a little bit
- Silver Stem Spear damage has been reduced
- Adjusted the new Earth Strain stripping formula to apply aprox. the same strip chances as we've had before the strip system overhaul which caused a 100% strip chance.
- Reverted the official ammo unequip behavior when taking off your weapon

Client Updates
- Updated item descriptions
- Updated skill descriptions
- Several interface related updates
- Several bug and crash fixes

Website Updates
- Updated monster database
- Updated item database

Cash Shop Update
- A -20% price reduction on all deluxe and account plus items for a limited time!
- Exclusive Brilliant Golden Wings are available for a limited time!

Thanks a lot for all the bug reports and valuable feedback!
If you like what you see, please leave a review for us!

Happy New Year!

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and again, unnecessary nerf for doram -1 for this, until when  GM  will nerf magic skill, why don't you eradicate those things from this server



3. Thunder storm damage nerf

4. and lastly this nerf again ...

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Please note that:
The nerf was done over a week ago. (and has since then not been nerfed again) I just added it to the changelogs now later down the road.
Reason was that its damage has been rising due official skill changes, so it became overpowered.

These changes have been done after having recieved player feedback, has then been  evaluated and changed accordingly.

As always:
You're welcome to share your feedback with us if you think that the changes were unnecessary or to strong:

Thank you

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