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PvP Event Ideas

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We all know that most people really play GRO for the sake of fighting and being able to feel the reward of our achievements, efforts, and hard work by winning battles. Yes we have WoE and BG for that but i don't think its so bad to add spice to the game pvp wise, so i would like to ask people in our community to post their ideas for events regarding pvp here so we could compile them and discuss about it here.


Any idea or suggestion would be very helpful.

One of my idea for this is to have an exclusive non-tradeable costume (preferably a new color of aura costume) that will be given as reward for those who got first place on such events, for the winner to have a little bragging right for his effort and practice in PvP to be enough as to stand at the top.

Another is a 1v1 PvP event that will allow all items to be used except God Items or high-refined gears probably only +12 and below would be allowed. This way it will also motivate for the newbies to keep playing and farming for their gears to have a better chance in winning on the said event.

Also a 2v2/3v3 PvP event might be good too, so the players will actually have to think of good combinations or synergy among their chars to win the event.

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