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January-February Updates

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Here are some misc. updates which took silently place after our christmas season.

- Fixed Improve Concentration skill description

- Reduced drop rate of Pendants in Jitterbug Instance
- Added new cards to be restricted from being compound into our custom lower headgears

- Fixed Old Glast Heim client crashes caused by NPC triggered Buffs
- Fixed equipment location of Costume Musketeer Hat and Costume Fan in Mouth
- Moved one Althea NPC cow location to not intersect with snowman 3d model during christmas season
- Updated several skill descriptions to match their current effect
- Fixed Costume Backside Ribbon Bell item description
- Replaced all old loading screen art with new ones
- Updated start page image text to match our 15th anniversary
- Removed several mechanic skill customizations. This fixes several issues which were related to our customization. Also most mechanic skills can now be officialy casted without wearing their associated gear which made our customization redundant.
- Fixed some fame related issues which possibly showed wrong data in the fame rank leader boards. (takes effect on next server restart)
- Some experimental fixes for Sky Fortress issues. These are only temporary fixes until the official script conversion takes place of our custom one.

Our anniversary, gods smelting and valentine's events have officialy ended!
Thank you so much for attending our lovely occasion!

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